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Judges on Leave

S.No. NAME OF JUDICIAL OFFICER On leave from On leave till Nature of leave
1 Ms. Rimpi Rani, Sub Registrar, JMIC, Jammu 12-08-2022 12-08-2022 Casual Leave.
2 Ms. Meera Bangotra, 3rd Addl. Munsiff JMIC,Jammu 12-08-2022 12-08-2022 Casual Leave.
3 Ms. Aarti Mohan, Spl. Mobile Magistrate, Electricity, Jammu. 09-08-2022 20-08-2022 Earned Leave.
4 Order of Sh. Adnan Sayeed, Spl. Mobile Magistrate (Traffic), Jammu 09-08-2022 09-08-2022 Casual Leave.
5 Sh. Susheel Singh, Sub Judge /Spl. Mobile Magistrate, Jammu. 06-08-2022 06-08-2022 2nd half day casual leave.
6 Ms. Amandeep Kour, Ist Addl. Munsiff (Forest Magistrate), Jammu. 06-08-2022 06-08-2022 Casual Leave.
7 Sh. Raj Kumar Lalhal, Special Railway Magistrate, Jammu. 09-08-2022 10-08-2022 Casual Leave.
8 Ms. Kusoom Pandita, Principal Judge, Family Court, Jammu. 05-08-2022 05-08-2022 Casual Leave.
9 Ms. Aarti Mohan, Special Mobile Magistrate, Electricity, Jammu 04-08-2022 05-08-2022 casual leave
10 Sh. Syed Sarfraz Hussain Shah, Additional District Judge (Commercial Court), Jammu. 09-08-2022 11-08-2022 Casual Leave.
11 Sh. Deepak Sethi,Additional District and Sessions Judge Jammu 01-08-2022 01-08-2022 casual leave
12 Sh. Ritesh Kumar Dubey, Addl. Judge Anti-corruption Jammu. 28-07-2022 28-07-2022 Casual Leave.
13 Ms. Aarti Mohan, Spl. Mobile Magistrate, Electricity, Jammu. 28-07-2022 28-07-2022 Casual Leave.
14 Ms. Renu Dogra Gupta, Sub Judge Jammu. 30-07-2022 30-07-2022 Casual Leave.
15 Ms. Himani Parihar, Munsiff JMIC Akhnoor 27-07-2022 27-07-2022 casual leave


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