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District Court Of India

Circulars Notices

S.No. Title Attachment Upload Date
1 VC issues PDF icon vc_issues.pdf 25/04/2020
2 Amiscus-Curiae-List PDF icon amicus_curiae_list (1).pdf 25/04/2020
3 Order regarding Video Conference Complaints PDF icon covid order.pdf 18/04/2020
4 Circular regarding submission of Statements PDF icon Circular regrdaing submission of Statements_0.pdf 05/04/2017
5 Circular regarding submission of Record PDF icon Circular regrdaing submission of Record.pdf 30/03/2017
6 Circular regarding Releiving of Officails under Transfer PDF icon Circular regarding relieving of officials.pdf 28/03/2017
7 Circular regarding status of Cases PDF icon Circular regarding status of case_1.pdf 07/03/2017
8 Circular regarding undated Cases PDF icon Circular_16.pdf 13/02/2017