S.No. Title Attachment
1 Postpone of Skill Test of Typist PDF icon Postpone Skill Test_Typist.pdf
2 Postpone of Skill Test of Stenographer PDF icon Postpone Skill Test_Steno.pdf
3 Eligible Candidate list of Typists for Skill Test PDF icon TYPIST recruitment.pdf
4 Stenographers eligible Candidate list for Skill Test PDF icon Skill test of Stenographer.pdf
5 Notification Stenographers_ADM-1-2020 PDF icon Notification Steno.pdf
6 General Instructions Stenographers_ADM-1-2020 PDF icon Stenographer General Instruction.pdf
7 Notification Typist_ADM-1-2020 PDF icon Notification Typist.pdf
8 General Instructions Typist_ADM-1-2020 PDF icon Typist General Instruction.pdf
9 Notification Typist-Copyist_ADM-1-2020 PDF icon Notification Typist-Copyist.pdf
10 General Instructions Typist-Copyist_ADM-1-2020 PDF icon Typist Copyist General Instruction.pdf
11 Notification Process Servers_ADM-1-2020 PDF icon Notification Process Server.pdf
12 General Instructions Process Servers_ADM-1-2020 PDF icon Process-Server General Instruction.pdf
13 Appointment Letter_Peons_ADM130-2019 PDF icon ADM 130-2019.pdf
14 Appointment Letter_Peons_ADM129-2019 PDF icon ADM 129-2019.pdf
15 Appointment Letter_Peons_ADM128-2019 PDF icon ADM 128-2019.pdf
16 Appointment Letter_Typist-Copyist PDF icon Typist-Copyist_Apt-Letter.pdf


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