S.No. Title Download/Detail
1 Gazette Notification No. HCC 35/2021 dated: 17-09-2021 regarding Karnataka Rules on Live Streaming and Recording of Court Proceedings, 2021. gazette-Karnataka-Rules-on-Live-Streaming-and- Recording-of-Court-Proceedings-2021.pdf
2 view-all-notifications-mangaluru view-all-notifications-mangaluru
3 e-Filing User Manual efiling-User-manual_compressed.pdf
4 Order dated 04.11.2020 passed in Criminal Appeal No.730 of 2020 (arising out of SLP (Crl).No.9503 of 2018) 37875_2018_39_1501_24602_Judgement_04-Nov-2020_Signed(1).pdf
5 Notice from District Court, Mangaluru dated : 15-07-2020. Notice Dist Court.pdf
6 Sitting of Judges in D.K. Mangaluru District from 05-10-2020 to 09-10-2020. Sitting Arrangement.pdf
7 Modified SOP for District Judiciary dated 12.11.2020. sop-dj-12112020.pdf
8 Modified SOP for District Judiciary with effect from December 21,2020. FINAL_SOP_DISTRICT_JUDICIARY_16122020.pdf
9 Notification Regarding Procedure for delivery of Copy Applications in D.K. Unit copy-final-dk.pdf
10 REVISED FINAL SENIORITY LIST OF SHERISTEDARS OF DISTRICT JUDICIARY IN THE STATE FROM 01.04.1978 TO 12.07.2019. RevisedFinal_Seniority_List_Sheristedars.pdf
11 Final Seniority List of Sheristedars working in the Unit of D.K., w.e.f 01-04-1978 to 31-12-2017 final_seniority_list_2019.pdf
12 Final Seniority List of Sheristedars of Subordinate Courts sheristedars-seniority-list-10032018_7.pdf
13 Final Seniority List of Chief Administrative Officers of the District Judiciary from 1978 to 2018 notfn-seniority-list-CAO-30112020.pdf
14 Final Revised Seniority List FINAL_REVISED_SENIORITY_LIST.pdf
15 Provisional Revised Seniority List. Provisional_Seniority_List.pdf