Circulars Notices

S.No. Title Attachment Upload Date
1 Prl. Civil Judge & JMFC, Madikeri appointed as Judicial Megstrate Of Juvinile Justice Board, Madikeri PDF icon 1052.pdf 25/03/2021
2 Addl Civil Judge & JMFC Court , Madikeri is designated as Judicial Magistrate of Juvinile Justice Board, Madikeri PDF icon 3065-2020.pdf 18/12/2020
3 Circulation of Hon'ble Supreme Court order dated-04/11/2020 passed in Criminal Appeal No-730/2020. PDF icon 37875_2018_39_1501_24602_Judgement_04-Nov-2020_Signed(1).pdf 25/11/2020
4 Circulation of Hon'ble Supreme Court order in Civil Appeal No 3564 of 2020. PDF icon Order in CA 3564 of 2020 passed by SCI-correct soft copy.pdf 25/11/2020
5 Itineration of Senior Civil JUdge & JMFC, Virajpet Court to Ponnampet PDF icon 2696-2020.pdf 18/11/2020
6 MODIFIED SOP FOR THE DISTRICT AND TRIAL COURTS EFFECTIVE FROM SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 PDF icon special-sop-dj-18092020_7.pdf 18/09/2020
7 NEW SOP FOR DISTRICTJUDICIARY FROM AUGUST 31, 2020 PDF icon new-sop-district-judiciary-27082020-v1_5.pdf 27/08/2020
8 NEW SOP -DISTRICT JUDICIARY PDF icon new-SOP-district-courts-27062020-v2_22.pdf 27/06/2020
9 NEW STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (SOP) - DISTRICT JUDICIARY PDF icon new-SOP-district-courts-12062020-v1_22.pdf 12/06/2020
10 NEW STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (SOP) PDF icon sop-district-courts-26052020_8.pdf 26/05/2020