S.No. Title Publish Date Closing Date Attachment
1 Supply of wooden and steel furniture of the use of FTSC-1(POCSO) Court,Shivamogga 24-09-2021 25-10-2021 Download File
2 Tender Notification 1/2021 pertaining to lift operator service agencies for the work of Lift Attender at the District Court Complex Shivamogga 28-07-2021 26-08-2021 Download File
3 Tender Notification on Supply of Wooden and Steel Furnitures 11-11-2019 11-12-2019 Download File
4 Tender Notification of Bhadravathi Court Complex for Vehicle Parking. 24-09-2019 31-10-2019 Download File
5 Tender Notification on Vehicle Parking 12-09-2019 11-10-2019 Download File
6 Tender Notification for Service Provider / Man Power Agencies / Lift Operator service agencies for the work of lift attender at the Court complex of the District & Sessions Court Shivamogga and of the Court Complex at Sagar 05-09-2019 04-10-2019 Download File
7 Tender Notification of Wooden and Steel furnitures to this Court and needy subordinate Courts in Shivamogga district ( Last date for submission of tender is 27-12-2018 at 4.00 PM) 24-11-2018 27-12-2018 Download File
8 TENDER NOTIFICATION FOR LIFT OPERATORS(Last date for submission of tender is 13-04-2018 at 5.00 PM) 03-04-2018 12-04-2018 Download File
9 Tender Notification for Lift Attenders(Last date for submission:02-04-2018 at 5.00 PM) 19-03-2018 01-04-2018 Download File
10 Tender Notification for Sanitation Services(Last date for submitting the tender quotations is :05-03-2018 at 5 PM) 16-02-2018 04-03-2018 Download File
11 Tender notification for purchase of steel and wooden furnitures 12-10-2017 12-11-2017 Download File