Circulars Notices

S.No. Title Attachment Upload Date
1 Proceeding of the CJM Kozhikode - Transfer and posting of staff - Order Issued Dt 24/11/2021 PDF icon Proceedings CJM KKD- transfer and posting.pdf 25/11/2021
2 High Court OM- Inter District/Departmental transfer- Vacancy of clerk in the Civil Judicial wing of Kollam District- Reg:- PDF icon A1-10499-2021.pdf 22/11/2021
3 Functioning of Courts in the District Judiciary from 22 November 2021 -reg. PDF icon A1-10480-2021_Functioning of Court.pdf 20/11/2021
4 Refixation of cadre strength of Sheristadar in the civil wing of the subordinate judiciary - Orders Issued - reg PDF icon a1-10058-21.pdf 18/11/2021
5 Filling up of the post of Clerk in the Tribunal for Local Self Government Institutions TVM on deputation basis - Application called for - reg PDF icon A1-10213-21_compressed.pdf 16/11/2021
6 Judicial Department - Criminal Wing - Transfer and Posting of staff - Orders - Issued PDF icon a3-638-21.pdf 12/11/2021
7 Proceedings of the District Judge, Kozhikode- Promotion, Transfer and posting of the members of the staff- Orders issued- Reg PDF icon A1-21-2021.pdf 09/11/2021
8 Proceedings of the District Judge, Kozhikode- Ratio Promotion of the Attenders- Orders issued- Reg PDF icon A1-1407-2005.pdf 09/11/2021
9 proceedings of the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Kozhikode- Transfer and Posting of staff-Orders issued-Dt 05/11/2021 PDF icon a3-638-21.pdf 06/11/2021
10 Sri. Jabir T OA Addl. District Court 5 Kozhikode - Representation to relieve from the post of OA to take up new employment as Clerk in Revenue Department Kozhikode PDF icon a1-9617-21.pdf 01/11/2021