Celebrating 150 years of Mahatma


S.No. Title Document
1 K.F.C FORM 21 PDF icon KFC FORM 21.pdf
2 Last Pay Certificate form PDF icon LPC.pdf
3 Leave Application Form No.13 PDF icon Leave Application Form 13.pdf
4 GO (P) 209/2013- Implementation of National Pension System for to the State Government Employees -Continuance of KSR Part III pension scheme PDF icon GO(P) No 209-2013-Fin dated 07-05-2013.pdf
5 GO(P) 279/2014- National Pension System-Mobility to State employees appointed into the service on or before 31/03/2013 and reappointed in various institutions on or after 1/04/2013 PDF icon GO(P)NO 279-2014-Fin Dated 14-7-2014.pdf
6 Civil-Appendix H Form No. 9- Commission for local investigation or to examine account (o.26,R9,11). PDF icon form 9.pdf
7 Civil-Form No. 52 (a)- Order of attachment of a decree when both decrees are in the same court(R.318) PDF icon form 52.pdf
8 Civil-Appendix F Form No. 1- Warrant to arrest the accused before the final judgment. PDF icon accused.pdf
9 Civil-Form No.71-Intimation of Refund. PDF icon intimation of refund.pdf
10 Civil-Receipt by Amin or Process server (R.97). PDF icon receipt.pdf
11 Civil-Form No. 74- B. Diary in Miscellaneous cases. PDF icon form 74.pdf
12 Civil-Form No. 75- B. Diary in Execution Petitions. PDF icon form no 75.pdf
13 Civil-Deposition Form-Rule 14 C.R.P. PDF icon deposition form.pdf
14 Civil-Form No. 72-B-Diary in Original Suits. PDF icon form 72.pdf
15 Civil-Appendix E Form No. 8- Warrant of attachment of movable property to execution of a decree for money (O.2,R.20).der for delivery to certified purchaser of land at a sale in execution. PDF icon form no 8.pdf