Judges on Leave

S.No. NAME OF JUDICIAL OFFICER On leave from On leave till Nature of leave
46 Shri. S. A. Rathod, Civil Judge JD and JMFC, Dondaicha 21-11-2019 22-11-2019 Earned Leave
47 Shri. R. T. Nagre, Civil Judge S.D. Dhule 26-11-2019 28-11-2019 Comutted Leave
48 Shri. V. V. Gaikwad, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Dhule 29-11-2019 30-11-2019 Earned Leave
49 Shri. H. A. Mulla, District Judge-5, Dhule 25-11-2019 27-11-2019 Earned Leave
50 Shri. D. Y. Gaud, Adhoc District Judge-1 Dhule 02-12-2019 07-12-2019 Earned Leave
51 Shri. S. A. Rathod, Civil Judge JD and JMFC, Dondaicha 18-11-2019 20-11-2019 Earned Leave
52 Shri. S.A.Rathod, Civil Judge JD and JMFC, Dondaicha 14-11-2019 15-11-2019 Earned Leave
53 Shri. M. G. Chavan, District Judge-4, Dhule 07-11-2019 08-11-2019 Earned Leave
54 Shri. R. S. Wankhede, Civil Judge J.D. and JMFC, Sakri 06-11-2019 08-11-2019 Earned Leave
55 Shri. S. R. Uagle, District Judge-1, Dhule 03-11-2019 05-11-2019 Earned Leave
56 Smt. Karuna R. Rajput, 2nd Jt. Civil Judge S.D. Dhule 01-11-2019 08-11-2019 Earned Leave
57 Smt. A. C. Jagtap, 4th Jt. CJJD and JMFC, Dhule 01-11-2019 02-11-2019 Earned Leave
58 Shri. S. A. Rathod, CJJD and JMFC, Dondaicha 25-10-2019 31-10-2019 Diwali Vacation
59 Shri. S. L. Vaidya, CJJD and JMFC, Shindkheda 25-10-2019 31-10-2019 Diwali Vacation
60 Shri. R. A. Shivratri, Jt. Civil Judge JD and JMFc, Sakri 25-10-2019 27-10-2019 Diwali Vacation