Judges on Leave

S.No. NAME OF JUDICIAL OFFICER On leave from On leave till Nature of leave
91 Shri. A. H. Sayyed, District Judge-4 Dhule 04-06-2019 06-06-2019 Earned Leave
92 Shri. V. B. Pathak, Judge Family Court, Dhule 06-06-2019 07-06-2019 Casual leave
93 Smt. A. S. Nalge, 3rd Jt. Civil Judge SD, Dhule 06-05-2019 08-05-2019 Earned Leave
94 Shri. A. J. Ghire, Civil Judge J.D and JMFC, Dondaicha 22-04-2019 26-04-2019 Earned Leave
95 Shri. R. A. Shivratri, Jt. Civil Judge JD and JMFC, Sakri 25-04-2019 26-04-2019 Earned Leave
96 Shri. S. R.Ugale, District Judge-2 and Addl. Sessions Judge, Dhule 20-04-2019 24-04-2019 Earned Leave
97 Shri. S. S. Deshmukh, 2nd Jt. Civil Judge JD and JMFC, Shirpur 15-04-2019 18-04-2019 Earned Leave
98 Shri. D. R. Pathan, Civil Judge J.D. and JMFC, Shindkheda 15-04-2019 20-04-2019 Earned Leave
99 Shri. Jahir A. Shaikh, Secretary, DLSA, Dhule 15-04-2019 17-04-2019 Earned Leave
100 Shri. R. T. Nagre, Civil Judge S.D. Dhule 02-05-2019 09-05-2019 Earned Leave
101 Shri. R. A. Shivratri, Jt. Civil Judge J.D. and JMFC, Sakri 11-04-2019 12-04-2019 Earned Leave
102 Shri. R. S. Wankhede, Civil Judge J.D. and JMFC, Sakri 16-04-2019 18-04-2019 Earned Leave
103 Shri. M. G. Chavan, District Jugde-4,Dhule 03-04-2019 05-04-2019 Earned Leave
104 Shri. A. S. Pandagale, Civil Judge J.D. and JMFC, Shirpur 15-04-2019 17-04-2019 Earned Leave
105 Shri.A.J.Ghire, Civil Judge J.D.and JMFC, Dondaicha 04-04-2019 05-04-2019 Commuted Leave