S.No. Title Download/Detail
1 WARNED-LIST-DINDOSHI COURT-01-01-2021-TO-26-10-2021 20211122_121759.pdf
2 Caveats lodged in the Registered up to 01/06/2021 to 31/06/2021_Dindoshi Court 20211112_140949.pdf
3 Caveat which are filed upto 01/07/2021 to 31/07/2021_Dindoshi Court 20211112_140537.pdf
4 Warned List 16 Aug 2021 to 15 Sep 2021_Dindoshi Court 20211008_141858.pdf
5 Notice Dated 04-09-2021_Dindoshi Court 20210906_131559.pdf
6 Caveat which are filled upto 01/05/2021 to 31/05/2021_Dindoshi Court 20210904_121831.pdf
7 Notice - Dindoshi Certfied Copy Civil Cases 20210902_122602.pdf
8 Caveat which are filed up to 01/03/2021 To 30/04/2021_Dindoshi Court 20210803_164044.pdf
9 Notice Caveats Lodged in the Registered up to 28/02/2021_Dindoshi Court 20210803_163824.pdf
10 Notice_ Disposal of Applications made by office of the Government Pleader and Advocates and Litigants for Certified Copies in Civil Cases_Dindoshi Court Dated 21-06-2021 20210622_123013.pdf
11 Caveat which are filed upto 01/02/2021 To 28/02/2021 20210602_121107.pdf
12 Warned Notice Dindoshi Court, May 2021 20210521_132725.pdf
13 caveat dispose Dindoshi Court, 2021 20210511_111843.pdf
14 Warned Notice dated 23-03-2021_Dindoshi Court 20210324_161322.pdf
15 Notice_Dindoshi Court_Dated 12 day of March, 2021 20210315_130750.pdf


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