S.No. Title Publish Date Closing Date Attachment
31 Notice of Annual Maintenance Contract (Non-Comprehensive) for the computer hardware items situated at Court of Small Causes, Mumbai 28-01-2019 06-03-2019 Download File
32 Notice of tender opening of Cannon LBP 151 DW laser printer cartridges_2019 19-01-2019 19-01-2019 Download File
33 Tender Notice for Purchase 28 New Refillable Cartridges for Canon Laserjet Printer Canon LBP151 dw A4 Size 04-01-2019 18-01-2019 Download File
34 Quotations are invited for making Annual Maintenance Contract A. M. C. of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine 21-12-2018 23-01-2019 Download File
35 Inviting Sealed Quotations for Annual Maintenance of Mike System in the Court Buildings of this Court. 17-12-2018 17-12-2018 Download File
36 Outsource work of Photocopying (Xerox). 03-12-2018 10-01-2019 Download File
37 Purchase of consumable Sept 2018 11-09-2018 24-09-2018 Download File
38 Annual Maintenance Contract of Fax Machine Samsung Xpress M2876FD 07-09-2018 21-09-2018 Download File
39 The Sealed Quotations / Tenders for Annual Contract for refilling of Cartridges and Ribbons 07-08-2018 20-08-2018 Download File
40 Notice for Extension of Time for outsource work of xerox of main and bandra branch 02-05-2018 13-05-2018
41 Tender for Purchase of Old Papers and Destructed Waste Papers 10-04-2018 25-04-2018 Download File
42 Outsource Work of Photocopy (Xerox) 04-04-2018 25-04-2018 Download File
43 Tender for Purchase of New EPABX System 01-04-2018 18-04-2018 Download File
44 Tender for EPBX system on rental basis 18-03-2018 21-03-2018 Download File
45 Tender for Purchse of Biomatric Machine 18-03-2018 02-04-2018 Download File


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