Management Tools

S.No. Title Document
1 Information Under Clause 4(1)(B) of Right to Information Act PDF icon Information_Under_Clause_41B_of_Right_to_Information_Act_compressed.pdf
2 RTI PDF icon Citizens Charter.pdf
3 Case Management through CIS 3.0 PDF icon CIS3m.pdf
4 NSTEP User Manual PDF icon NSTEP-User manual-min.pdf
5 eFiling User Manual PDF icon efiling-User-manual-min.pdf
6 ePay User Manual PDF icon ePay-Final-USer-manual-min.pdf
7 e-tools for Lawyers PDF icon e-tools for Lawyers final-min.pdf
8 e-tools for Judges PDF icon e-tools for Judges final-min.pdf
9 Management Tools for Judges PDF icon Management Tools for Judges_15.pdf
10 Management Tools for Advocates PDF icon Management Tools for Advocates_16.pdf

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