S.No. Title Attachment
1 Office Order No. 15 newly appointed Jr.Clerk PDF icon DCPBN2021-01-11 (6).pdf
2 Office Order No. 435 newly appointed Jr.Clerk PDF icon DCPBN2020-11-11 (7).pdf
3 Office Order No. 402 newly appointed peon PDF icon DCPBN2020-10-28 (16).pdf
4 Office Order No. 377 Posting of Jr.Clerk..... PDF icon DCPBN2020-10-03 (26).pdf
5 Notice about Extension of the existing Select/Wait Lists for the posts of Stenographer (L.G), Junior Clerk and Peon/Hamal prepared in Recruitment Process-2018 PDF icon DCPBN2020-09-11 (6).pdf
6 Office order 344 Newly appointed Jr.Clerk PDF icon DCPBN2020-08-27 (6).pdf
7 Office order 338 Extra Jt. DJ Court POCSO COurt PDF icon DCPBN2020-08-22 (1).pdf
8 Office order 340 Peon PDF icon DCPBN2020-08-22 (3).pdf
9 Office order 339 Junior Clerk PDF icon DCPBN2020-08-22 (2).pdf
10 Ofice order 304 Newly appointed Junior Clerk PDF icon DCPBN2020-07-23 (8).pdf
11 Office Order No. 265 Posting of Peon PDF icon DCPBN2020-06-26 (2).pdf
12 Office Order No. 264 Posting of Peons PDF icon DCPBN2020-06-25 (11).pdf
13 Office Order No. 263 Posting of Jr.Clerk..... PDF icon DCPBN2020-06-25 (12).pdf
14 Peon office order 207 PDF icon DCPBN2020-04-29 (12).pdf
15 Notice about Postponement of Exam. for the post of Sweeper/Scawanger PDF icon DCPBN2020-03-16 (4).pdf
16 Office order 166 Junior Clerk PDF icon DCPBN2020-03-12 (18).pdf