Judges on Leave

S.No. NAME OF JUDICIAL OFFICER On leave from On leave till Nature of leave
1 Shri S.G. Sarode 3rd Jt. Civil Judge J.D. & J.M.F.C., Pandharpur 09-12-2019 11-12-2019 On private ground.
2 Smt. M.C. Shaikh, 7th Jt. Civil Judge J.D. & J.M.F.C., Solapur 13-09-2019 11-11-2019 Child Care Leave
3 Shri. M.V. Kirme, Civil Judge J.D. & J.M.F.C., (Muncipal Court) Solapur. 10-10-2019 14-10-2019 Nominated to attend the The Regional Conference on 'Capacity Building and Evaluation of Mediation Activities', organized on 12th October 2019.
4 Shri C.S. Baviskar, District Judge-1 & Additional Sessions Judge, Pandharpur. 30-09-2019 07-10-2019 On private ground.
5 Shri. S.R. Mokashi, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Solapur 03-10-2019 07-10-2019 Nominated for one day State Level Conference on Monodhairya and Victim Compensation Scheme on 05th October,2019.
6 Smt. S.V. Deshpande 5th Jt. Civil Judge S.D. & A.C.J.M, Solapur 03-09-2019 07-09-2019 On Private Ground
7 Shri M.M. Bavare, 5th Jt. Civil Judge J.D. & J.M.F.C, Solapur 03-09-2019 09-09-2019 On Private Ground
8 Smt. Y.G. Deshmukh, District Judge-4 & Additional Sessions Judge, Solapur. 13-08-2019 14-08-2019 Leave for two dyas on private ground.
9 Smt. M. N. Rathode 6th Joint Civil Judge J.D. & J.M.F.C.,Solapur 22-07-2019 17-01-2020 Leave Head Quarter For Maternity Leave
10 Shri.C.S.Baviskar, District Judge-1 and Addl Session Judge, Pandharpur 18-08-2019 02-09-2019 Leave Head Quarter for First Training after Promotion.
11 Shri S.V. Pawar 2nd Jt Civil Judge Junior division Solapur 06-07-2019 09-07-2019 Leave Head Quarter For four days training on Child physcology, Child welfare, Rehabilatation and Juvinile laws.