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District Court Of India


S.No. Title Download/Detail
1 Restricted Holidays during the year 2022 restricted holiday.pdf
2 Notification regarding court functioning from 7th September to 21st September 2021 Scan 07 Sep 21 · 12·31·16.pdf
3 Notification regarding constitution of Accessibility committee of Imphal East district Scan 06 Sep 21 · 03·44·01.pdf
4 Notification related to Urgent Matters during 17th July to 27th July 2021 Urgent matters.pdf
5 Notification No.93 Covid High Court of Manipur Notification 93 covid HC of Manipur.pdf
6 Notification no. 89 covid High Court of Manipur Notification 89 covid HC of Manipur (2).pdf
7 Video Conferencing during Lockdown Period Video conference notification during Lockdown.pdf
8 Internal Complaints committee for prevention of harassment in woman in workplace. Internal Compliant Committee Imphal East.pdf
9 Restricted Holidays for the year 2017 notification 20-Apr-2017 12-12-57 (1).pdf
10 Monthly Statement for November 2016 ieast 09-Dec-2016 15-45-12.pdf
11 New order for Court fee IE doc.pdf
12 Public notice: Supreme Court destruction of case records period 1994-1996. Public Notice-Destruction of Supreme Court Records_44.pdf
13 Public notice: Supreme Court-destruction of case records for the period 1986 -1993 Public notice.pdf