District Court Barnala
District Court Barnala
District Court Barnala

Circulars Notices

S.No. Title Attachment Upload Date
1 Local Holidays Update PDF icon Local Holidays.pdf 17/01/2019
2 Holiday Update PDF icon Holiday update.pdf 11/12/2018
3 Publicity of Public Notice received from Hon'ble Supreme Court of India PDF icon 2507-SplCB6(2015).PDF 10/12/2015
4 Holiday on 16.12.2015 PDF icon Notification No 135 dated 7-10-2015.pdf 07/10/2015
5 Public Notice Recieved from Hon'ble Supreme Court Of India PDF icon Public Notice_22.pdf 24/08/2015
6 Instruction Regarding Complaints recived in the High Court against the Subordinate Judiciary PDF icon Instruction Regarding .pdf 14/04/2015
7 Regarding declaration of first week of February, 2015 as NPS Awareness week under the Newly defined contributry Pension Scheme by Pension Department and Development Authority PDF icon NPS.pdf 11/02/2015
8 Starting of SMS service in OS, in Subordinate Courts in the States of Punjab, Haryana and U.T. Chandigarh dated 07-07-2014 PDF icon 1109 SplCB2 (2014)_1.PDF 24/12/2014
9 Instructions regarding uploading of complete & updated data on CIS, National Judicial Data Grid and High Court Server on daily basis dated 13-08-2014 PDF icon 1365 SPL-CB6(2014)_2.PDF 24/12/2014
10 Circulation of Uniform Outlook of the District Court websites/webpages i.e www.ecourts.gov.in dated 25.08.2014 PDF icon 1438 SplCB6 (2014)_1.pdf 24/12/2014