Purba Medinipur District Court
Purba Medinipur District Court
Purba Medinipur District Court


S.No. Title Publish Date Closing Date Attachment
1 Sealed Quotations are invited for Toner Cartridge 12A (Original), Laserjet print cartridge 30A (Original), Laserjet Imaging Drum 32A (Original) 01-08-2019 19-08-2019 Download File
2 Sealed Quotation is hereby invited from the organizations who conduct the Internal Audit, for conducting the internal audit of DLSA, Purba Medinipur of the period 2017-18 and 2018-19 01-08-2019 14-08-2019 Download File
3 Cancellation of tender no. 110 in respect of serial no. 04 (Executive Chair) dt. 31.05.2019 26-06-2019 Download File
4 Cancellation of tender no. 100 in respect of serial no. 04 (small wooden table) dated 17.05.2019 25-06-2019 28-06-2019 Download File
5 Cancellation of tender no. 101 in respect of serial no. 02 (Iron Rack) dated 17.05.2019 25-06-2019 28-06-2019 Download File
6 Quotations for Iron Rack with 5 shelves 24-06-2019 29-06-2019 Download File
7 Quotations for Neem Wooden table with a drwaer 24-06-2019 29-06-2019 Download File
8 Quotations for auction of scrap iron/ iron junks stagged in the veranda of the Tamluk Court Complex 18-06-2019 26-06-2019 Download File
9 Quotations for AMC and replacement of faulty parts of Canon Photocopier 29-05-2019 17-06-2019 Download File
10 Quotation for Wooden Table ,Wooden Chair, Wooden bench with back and handle, Wooden foot Rest and Wooden Square Stool 31-05-2019 21-06-2019 Download File
11 Quotation for Steel Almirah, Steel Rack, Pedestal Fan, Executive chair 31-05-2019 21-06-2019 Download File
12 Quotations for supplying 8-port 10/100 Mbps Desktop switch of D-Link 22-05-2019 18-06-2019 Download File
13 Quotations for supplying the water purifier machine ( Ureka Forbes Aqua guard Classic UV) 17-05-2019 31-05-2019 Download File
14 Quotation for Footrest, Wooden Stool, Reader Desk, Small wooden table 17-05-2019 15-06-2019 Download File
15 Quotation for steel Almirah, Iron Rack, Executive High Back Revolving Chair, Wall Fan, Pedestal Fan 17-05-2019 15-06-2019 Download File


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