S.No. Title Download/Detail
1 Employment Notification of staff in the judgeship of Murshidabad,2014 Recruitment_Notification_Murshidabad_2014_0.pdf
2 List of candidates prepared provinsionally in accordance with submission of rate for supply of power through generator in the sub-divisional court at Lalbagh,Murshidabad. 2015-08-31.pdf
3 Public Notice PUBLIC_NOTICE_SCI.pdf
4 Civil CRO amendments Civil Rules and Orders_5.pdf
5 Criminal CRO amendments Criminal Rules and Orders_8.pdf
6 PUBLIC NOTICE Public Notice-Destruction of Supreme Court Records_26.pdf
7 Call logging Process and Escalation Matrix. Escalation matrix.pdf
8 List of Holidays in District Courts (Civil)- 2018 Civil Courts in West Bengal.pdf
9 List of Holidays in District Courts (Criminal)- 2018 Criminal Courts in West Bengal.pdf
10 Modification of Tender Notice Dated 20.02.2019 modification of tender notice 20-2-19.pdf
11 O R D E R DT- 18-04-2019 (Gradation Lists) Letter.pdf
12 List - Lower Division Clerk LDC.pdf
13 List - Grade II Gr-II-Head Clerk.pdf
14 List - Grade I (Part-1) Grade I-1-9.pdf
15 List - Grade I (Part-2) Grade I-10-17.pdf