South 24 Parganas .
South 24 Parganas .
South 24 Parganas .

Circulars Notices

S.No. Title Attachment Upload Date
61 MOST URGENT-ORDER NO.404-G DATED 27.04.2020 REGARDING E-FILING PDF icon E-FILING.pdf 27/04/2020
62 Circulation of Notification No.1534-RG Dated 24.04.2020 of the Hon'ble Court PDF icon 1534-RG.pdf 27/04/2020
63 MOST URGENT-Practice and Procedure of E-Filing in the Judgeship of South 24-Parganas PDF icon Practice and Procedure of E-Filing_compressed.pdf 27/04/2020
64 Causelist of Alipore District Court on 29.04.2020 through Video Conferencing PDF icon causelist 29042020merged.pdf 27/04/2020
65 Information for maintaining Social Distancing at the Video Conferencing Room at Alipore PDF icon social distancing.pdf 24/04/2020
66 Order relating to additional date fixed for holding of Vacation Bench of Commercial Court Alipore on 27.04.2020. PDF icon cca.pdf 23/04/2020
67 Information regarding Vacation Bench of Commercial Court at Alipore PDF icon vacation compliance (2).pdf 16/04/2020
68 Procedure for hearing through Video Conferencing system PDF icon VC Order-compressed.pdf 10/04/2020
69 High Court Notification No 1512-RG dated 8th April 2020 PDF icon RG1512_compressed.pdf 10/04/2020
70 High Court Notification No 1514-CPC dated 9th April 2020 PDF icon 1514cpc_compressed.pdf 10/04/2020