Paschim Medinipur District Court
Paschim Medinipur District Court
Paschim Medinipur District Court


Judgeship of Paschim Medinipur

Name of the Court Complex Number of Court Rooms Number of Court Rooms
Paschim Medinipur Court 26

1. District & Sessions Judge Court.

2. Addl. District Judge 1st  Court.

3. Addl. District Judge 2nd  Court (Child Friendly POCSO Court).

4. Addl. District Judge 3rd  Court.

5. Addl. District Judge 4th  Court.

6. Addl. District Judge 5th  Court.

7.  Addl. District Judge 6th  Court.

8. Addl. District Judge 7th  Court.

9. Addl. District Judge Special Court.

10. Addl. District Judge R.D Court.

11. Addl. District Judge F.T. 1st  Court.

12. Addl. District Judge F.T. 2nd  Court. 

13. Addl. District Judge F.T. 3rd  Court.

14. Civil Judge Sr. Div. 1st  Court.

15. Civil Judge Sr. Div.  2nd Court.

16. Civil Judge Sr. Div.  3rd  Court.

17. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court.

18.  Judicial Magistrate 1st  Court.

19. Judicial Magistrate 2nd  Court.

20. Judicial Magistrate 3rd  Court.

21. Judicial Magistrate 4th  Court.

22. Judicial Magistrate 5th  Court.

23.  Judicial Magistrate 6th  Court.

24. Civil Judge Jr. Div. 1st   Court.

25. Civil Judge Jr. Div. 2nd  Court.

26. Civil Judge Jr. Div.  3rd  Court.

Ghatal Court 6

1. Addl. District Judge Court.

2. Civil Judge Sr. Div. Court.

3. Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court

4. Judicial Magistrate Court.

5. Civil Judge Jr. Div. Addl Court.

6.Civil Judge Jr. Div. Court.

Garhbeta Court 3

1. Judicial Magistrate 1st Court, (In-Charge as ACJM Court) .

2. Civil Judge Jr. Div. Court (In-charge as JM 2nd Court).

3. Civil Judge Jr. Addl. Court.

Dantan Court 3

1. Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court.

2.Civil Judge Jr. Div. Court .

3. Judicial Magistrate Court.

Kharagpur Court 5

1. Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court.

2. Civil Judge Sr. Div. Court.

3. Judicial Magistrate Court.

4.Civil Judge Jr. Div. Court.

5. Railway Magistrate Court.


Registrar,Civil Courts, Paschim Medinipur



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