The Jalore


Jalore district or the erstwhile Jabalipur obtained its name from the sacred groove of

Mahirishi Jabali. The District Head Quarter is known as Jalore. As per the history of Jalore

district, the Prathihara King Naresh Nagbhatt II expanded the ambit of his state from

Arabian Sea to Bay of Bengal. The three main towns Jalore, Bhinmal and Sanchore were

ruled by Prathihar, Parmar, Chalukya, Chauhan, Pathan Mughal and Rathore dynasties.

Before independence Jalore district was a part of Jodhpur province (Marwar).

Administratively it was pided into three Parganas of Hukumats- Jalore Jaswantpura and

Sanchore. History was written on 30th March 1949 when Rajasthan came into force and it

was then Jodhpur province was incorporated into it and consequently Jalore had become a

part of Jodhpur province. When various districts were made Jalore also made its presence

felt on the scene and it was made into the district present day. With the passage of time the

name of mountain Kanchangiri and Swarngiri were also frequently used as names of Jalore.

It is clear from Kuvalyamana of Udhyothan suri that in 8th Century A.D. it was a prosperous

town. At that time Prathihar King Vatsa Raja was the ruler. Towards the end of 12th Century

A.D. Parmars ruled the region.


District & Sessions Court Jalore was established on 01.07.1977. Earlier thereto, all the

Judicial Courts functioning in Jalore district were under Balotra Judgeship.


Jalore Judgeship 5 Court Complex :-    

S.No  Name of  Court Complex Distance From Head Quarter

1  JALORE           -

2  AHORE           20 Kms

3  BHINMAL      72 kms

4  RANIWARA    112 kms

5  SANCHORE   159 kms