Jamnagar District Map

Jamnagar District Court Complex

Jamnagar was named as Navanagar initially. One His Highness Jam Rawal constructed Darbar Gadh Fortand named Navanagar. Then the heirs of Raja who ruled, again renamed it as Jamnagar. Jamnagar is also known as Chhota Kasi. By way of notifications Judicial Officers were appointed for the first time for Jamnagar District and Some of the Talukas. The Court in Jamnagar was established in the year 1864. It was situated near Khambhalia Darwaja. There after it was shifted to Darbar Gadh.{Darbargadh}and as such the Court of Sir Judge having the powers to entertain any appeals rising from the Judgment of the taluka courts was established in Jamnagar and the appeals from the taluka courts lay to the Darbar Gadh Court. Hence,Jamnagar boasts of an established Judicial System which dates back to almost147 years. The Judicial System so established by His Highness is a classical example of long sightedness of His Highness and implementation of perfect administrative system where the executive and the judiciary were differentiated so that independence of Judiciary could be upheld and apt justice could be delivered in time. At present the District Court is situated at “Lal Bunglow” Jamnagar.