Judicial Officers

Judicial Officers

District & Sessions Judge, Dhubri

Name: Shri Dipak Thakuria

Phone No. 03662-230024 (O), 9435128831 (M)

Mail Id: dipakthakuria@gmail.com


Member, MACT, Dhubri

Name: Shri Anup Narayan Ghosh

Phone No. 03662-232525 (O), 9435006434 (M)

Mail Id: anupg459@gmail.com


Additional District & Sessions Judge,Bilasipara, Dhubri

Name: Shri Jogeswar Bora

Phone No. 03662-232477 (O), 9678644557 (M)

Mail Id: borahjogeswar67@gmail.com


Addl. District & Sessions Judge, Dhubri

Name: Vacant

Phone No. 03662-233986 (O), 

Mail Id: 


Secretary, District Legal Service Authority, Dhubri

Name: Shri Shah Syed Ahadur Rahman

Phone No. 9706037678, 9957573620

Mail Id: rahmanahadur28@gmail.com


Civil Judge & Assistant Sessions Judge, Dhubri

Name: Smti Dimple Boro

Phone No. 03662-230963 (O),

Mail Id: boro_dimple@yahoo.com


Chief Judicial Magistrate, Dhubri

Name: Shri Ratnadip Bhattacharjee

Phone No. 03662-230031 (O), 9435749246(M),

Mail Id: ratnadipbhattacharjee@rocketmail.com



Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate, Dhubri

Name: Shri Nikunja Boro

Phone No. 03662-230568 (O), 8876884924 (M),

Mail Id: nikunjaboro@gmail.com


Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate, Dhubri

Name: Shri Siddhartha Shankar Sharma

Phone No. 03662-233373 (O), 9706062829 (M)

Mail Id: siddhartha.s.sharma@gmail.com


Munsiff 1 , Dhubri

Name: Shri Prasenjit Das

Phone No. 03662-233980 (O), 9085340578 (M),

Mail Id: prasenjit1409@gmail.com


Munsiff 2, Dhubri

Name: Shri Siddartha Brook

Phone No. 03662-233981 (O), 8638747098(M),

Mail Id: brook4all@yahoo.co.in


Judicial Magistrate First Class, Dhubri

Name: Smti Sangita Haloi

Phone No. 03662-230329 (O), 9678680990 (M)

Mail Id: sangitahaloi59@gmail.com


Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate(M), Bilasipara, Dhubri

Name: Smti. Juma Sinha

Phone No. 03667-251231 (O), 8473824006(M),

Mail Id: juma.sinhaaaa@gmail.com



Munsiff cum JMFC, Bilasipara, Dhubri

Name: Smti. Mridusmita Hazarika

Phone No. 03667-250183 (O), 9613137695 (M)

Mail Id: mridusmitahazarika01@gmail.com


Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate(M), Hatsingimari, Dhubri

Name: Shri Tarun Dey

Phone No. 03662-286643 (O), 9859939203(M)

Mail Id: tarun.corpus@gmail.com


Munsiff cum JMFC, Hatsingimari, Dhubri

Name: Shri Abhijit Saikia

Phone No. 03662-286646 (O), 9613371477 (M)

Mail Id: aryansaikia@gmail.com



Munsiff 3, Dhubri

Name: Vacant

Phone No. 03662-233981 (O),

Mail Id:

Judicial Magistrate First Class, Dhubri

Name: Vacant

Phone No. 03662-230037 (O),

Mail Id:





(** The list of officers may not be in order of seniority **)