District Court Kaithal
District Court Kaithal
District Court Kaithal

Pleaders and Bar Association

Welcome to District Bar Association, Kaithal

District Bar Association was formed after the formation of Kaithal District. Members of this Bar Association have been serving the Nation in various capacities including Government, Judiciary, Industry and Social Services.

The newly built judicial complex consist of  304 well built, lawyers chambers for member advocates of District Bar Association, Bar Room, Library, President Office, Litigant Hall equipped with all modern facilities.

Aims and Objective of Association :

  1. To safeguard and promote the interests, rights and status of the members of the District Bar Association.
  2. To ventilate the legal/personal grievances of the members of the Bar and every attempt shall be made to solve the problems/grievances to the utmost capability of the Bar.
  3. To provide proper facilities in furtherance of legal profession and for that purpose maintenance of a good library, have a respectable sitting place for the members and to provide chambers for suitable working of offices of the members.
  4. To create congenial atmosphere between the members and judicial officers with due respect to them.
  5. To help/assist, guide the new comers in order to help them to stand on their own feet in the profession.