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The city of Kalaburagi was founded by the Bahmani Sultans in the 14th century as their capital. However the history of the region dates back to the 6th Century when the Rashtrakutas gained control over the area, but the Chalukyas regained their domain and reigned for over two hundred years. Around the close of the 12th century the Yadavas of Devagiri and the Hoysalas of Halebidu took control of the district. The present Kalaburagi District and Raichur District formed part of their domain.The northern Deccan, including the district of Kalaburagi, passed under control of the Muslim Sultanate of Delhi. The revolt of the Muslim officers appointed from Delhi resulted in founding of the Bahmani Sultanate in 1347 by Hassan Gangu, who chose Kalaburagi(Ahsenabad during this period) to be his capital. From 1724 to 1948 the territory occupied by the present-day Kalaburagi district was part of Hyderabad state ruled by the famous Nizams. It was integrated into India in September 1948.   Cities & Towns Afzalpur Aland Chincholi Chitapur Kalaburagi Jevargi Sedam Shahabad Wadi


Kalaburagi is situated in Deccan Plateau located at 17.33°N 76.83°E and the general elevation ranges from 300 to 750 meters above mean sea level. Two main rivers, Krishna and Bhima, flow in the district. Black soil is predominant soil type in the district. The district has a large number of tanks which, in addition to the rivers, irrigate the land. The Upper Krishna Project is major irrigation venture in the district. Bajra, toor, sugarcane, groundnut, sunflower, sesame, castor bean, black gram, jowar, wheat, cotton, ragi, bengal gram, and linseed are grown in this district.    

Kalaburagi Judgeship

District & Sessions Court Kalaburagi , came in existence in the year 1935. The said court was functioning in the Old Court building in the year 2004, New Court building was constructed with two floors. The main building is situated near Siddartha Law College, Temple Road, Kalaburagi and nearer to Railway Station. In the Court Complex at present one Court of Prl.District & Sessions Judge, Kalaburagi and Four Addl. District and Sessions Judges Courts and one Fast track Court are functioning.   There is separate Bar Association in the Court Premises and accommodation for the lady advocates is also provided near by Court Complex. There is a Canteen facility and Typing Pool to Advocates Association, under District Court Compound is provided. The building is in good condition and having all the Civil facility in its building. There are also one Prl. Civil Judge (Sr.Dn) and CJM Court and three Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Dn) Court, One Prl. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC Court and four Addl. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC Courts are also functioning in new Court Complex, and one Court i.e. IV Addl. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Kalaburagi is functioning in Old Court building.   Some of the other Courts like Family Court and Labour Court are functioning in “ Mini Vidhana Soudha” which is near to the Court Complex. Apart from this Railway Court is also functioning.

Judicial Incumbency


The District & Sessions Court, Kalaburagi is located in the prime area of the city near Railway station and D.C.office. The Court came into existence in the year 1935 AD. The Court previously was functioning in the old building built by the erstwhile king Nizam. Now, the Court from the year 2001-02 is functioning in the New court building constructed in two floors in the Court compound and District Court is functioning in second floor of the new court building. There were 10 talukas were in the Kalaburagi district prior to 01.01.2010 i.e. before bifurcation of Yadgir district from Kalaburagi.

Now, Kalaburagi is comprising of 08 taluks as listed below :


Prl.District & Sessions Judge, Kalaburagi. I Addl.District & Sessions Judge, Kalaburagi. II Addl.District & Sessions Judge, Kalaburagi. III Addl.District & Sessions Judge, Kalaburagi. IV Addl.District & Sessions Judge, Kalaburagi. Family Court, Kalaburagi. Labour Court, Kalaburagi. Wakf Tribunal, Kalaburagi. Fast Track Court-I, Kalaburagi. Prl.Civil Judge (Sr.Dn) & CJM, Kalaburagi. I Addl.Civil Judge (Sr.Dn), Kalaburagi. II Addl.Civil Judge (Sr.Dn), Kalaburagi. III Addl.Civil Judge (Sr.Dn), Kalaburagi. Prl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Kalaburagi. I Addl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Kalaburagi. II Addl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Kalaburagi. III Addl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Kalaburagi. IV Addl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Kalaburagi. V Addl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Kalaburagi.  


Civil Judge (Sr.Dn), Sedam. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Sedam.  


Civil Judge (Sr.Dn), Aland. Prl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Aland. Addl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Aland.  


Civil Judge (Sr.Dn) & JMFC, Chincholi. Prl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Chincholi. Addl.Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Chincholi.  


Civil Judge (Sr.Dn) & JMFC, Chittapur (to establish w.e.f. 01.04.2011) – presently Civil Judge (Sr.Dn), Sedam is itinerating the Court for three days in a week.   Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Chittapur.


Civil Judge (Sr.Dn), Jewargai

Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Jewargi.  


Civil Judge (Sr.Dn), Afzalpur

Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Afzalpur.


Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) & JMFC, Shahabad.  


Geographical regions covered

Kalaburagi Kalaburagiis covering an area of 16,244 Sq.kms. of land and located between 760 04’ to 770 42’ E Longitude and 160 12’ to 170 46’ N Lattitude, with the district of Solapur of Maharastra on the West and with the Hyderabad district in Andhra Pradesh on the East. On the North lies the district Bidar of Karnataka and on the South lies the newly established Yadgir district and Raichur district of Karnataka, with huge population of 31.31 lakhs (Male – 15.93 lakhs and Female -15.38 lakhs).    


a) Computer Server Room.
b) Judicial Service Centre.
c) Video Conference Hall.
d) Mediation Centre.
e) Filing and Enquiry Counters/Help Desk for Litigents & Advocates.