Norh Bastar-Kanker

The State Of Kanker Was held From Marathas on Furnishing 500 men to the service of government, free of expense whenever required to do so. In 1809 the chief of Kanker deprived of his estate. In 1818 Under Authority of British resident at Nagpur on annual payment of Rs 500 the kanker state was restored. This was remitted in 1823.

Maharajadhiraj Narhardeo was born in 1850 and Succeeded to the “Guddi” In 1853. In 1889 A Diwan was Appointed to administer the State. The budget should be consulted with the political agent year wise, this was the condition. on may 9th 1903, thief died leaving no issue, and was succeed  by his nephew, Lal Komal Deo, With the hereditary title of  Maharajadhiraj, he was granted a personal salute of 9 guns on 12th of December 1911 and died on 8th January 1925. Since 1892 the Dewan use to make budget of the State which use to be approved by the then British Government.

In 1903 a Written ‘Kanoon-Mal’ Was Written by the then Diwan shri Durga Prashad Tiwari for Civil laws  regarding land and land revenue of State and so far as the crime were concerned ,were governed by the I.P.C. And Cr.P.C. of The Then British Government. Diwan use to hear the cases as session and District Judge . Tehsildar Was hearing the Cases of Revenue and other Small Criminal Matter Since 1912.

the Court Were situated at old rajapara adjacent to the old palace,Kanker . In 1932 The ‘Kutchery’ was constructed by the kanker State.Which Is situated at the center of the Kanker Town, Now Called as Old ‘Kutchery’ Building . In This Building the Civil Court, Session Court And Revenue Court etc. were Also Conducted till 2006. During the State of ‘Vakil   nd  Mukhtiyars’  use to defend the parties with the
permission of the Ruler.

In The Year 1928 Maharaja Bhanupratpdeo  was Minor and such asthe State Was Ruled  by the ‘Political -  gent’ i.e. directly under management  of  British  Government.  Since 1940  the  Qualified Advocate started  practicing  at kanker before various  Courts, Including of political Agent . Shri C.P. Sharma retd. District Judge Was Appointed as sub judge in 1940, Who After The merger was merger

of state in the union of india, Kanker state was included in Bastar District, since then the kanker was having the link Court Of ADJ and Civil Court. In the year 1968-69, Bastar Civil District  came into existence and since then the District Judge’s Seat was at jagdalpur. Kanker Was Declared a District in the year 1998 but the civil District was Created in 2006 and thereafter the District And Session judge  Was posted at kanker and the Court Of District And Session Judge ,Kanker Was started   t The ‘Old -Kutchery Building’, Which Was Sifted to the New Building  of Civil Court  In the year 2006. Since 2006 the civil and Criminal Courts are Functioning of the New District And Session Judge Building Situated Apposite to the Collectorate, Kanker.

Brief history and activities of District Court Kanker and program being held by District legal Services Authority Kanker.

Hon’ble Mr. S.R. Nayak the chief justice of Chhattisgarh , High Court Bilaspur and Hon’ble Dr. Raman singh the chief minister Chhattisgarh state in inaugurated the complex of District and Session Court Uttar Bastar Kanker in the old court building on 8th October on the same day Hon’ble Shri D.K. Tiwari assumed the charge of first District and session judge of uttar bastar kanker who continued on the post till 08-02-2009, there after Hon’ble Shri M.D. Katulkar assumed the charge of District and Session Judge Kanker on 08-02-2009 and as till continuing the new court complex was constructed and the same was inaugurated on 03-10-2009 by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shri R.N. Chandrakar High Court of Chhattisgarh Bilaspur and Shri Vikram dev Usendi Cabinet minister Chhattisgarh State.

Beside District and Session Judge Court one ADJ court, one CJM court and one Civil Judge class-I courts are functioning  here. Further one ADJ has been posted here from direct recruitment quota who has assumed charge on 16-12-13, one new civil judge II grade has also been posted here, who is likely to take charge͙͙

One   ADJ   and   one   Civil   Court   working   in   sub-division Bhanupratappur   and   one   Civil   Court   working   in   Sub-division Pakhanjur.

Family Court in kanker was established in view order dated 18-04-2013 of lawand .