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Hon’ble Mr. Justice 
Munishwar Nath Bhandari

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mohd Faiz Alam Khan   (AJ)


               Kannauj is situated in Uttar Pradesh near Kanpur, along the river Ganges. The city's name is traditionally derived fronm the term Kanyakubja which means Maiden's womb. Kannauj remained capital of Northen India for a considerable period of time but lost its glory due to advent of Mughals and Britishers. It remained capital of Emperor Harshvardhana. Now a days Kannauj is known for the distilling of scents and is an internationally acclaimed market center for Tobacco, Perfume and Rose Water. Kannauj has a rich archeological and cultural heritage. Kannauj remained the focal points for the three powerful dynasties namely Gurjara Pratiharas, Palas and Ratrakutas, during 8th to 10th century. Kannauj was having a Munsif Court since 1864 AD, which was subordinate to Calcutta High Court. Kannauj District was formed in the year 1997 and District Court was established on 18th june, 1999. Geography Ganges is the main river of the district at the North East border of the district. Kali river is at the northern border of the district while the Ishan river flows through the District. The climate of the district is characterized by a hot dry summer and a pleasant cold season. The average rainfall of the District is approximately 80 cm. Demography The District's population was 1,388,923 accordingly to the census of 2001. Of these, 1.156.951 (or 83.3 %) lived in rural areas, while 231,972 (or 16.7 %) lived in urban areas