District Court Kanpur Nagar

Kanpur Nagar

District Kanpur is situated on the bank of river Ganga. District Judiciary also starts since 1801 then there were two District Munsifs. The Subordinate Judge and District Judge have civil jurisdiction throughout Cawnpore and Fatehpur District and the latter is also Session Judge for both District but only heard appellate criminal cases from Fatehpur. Kanpur was divided into two parts, from 26th November 1985 a new District Judiciary separated from it and known as District Courts, Kanpur Dehat was created Since then Kanpur known a Kanpur Nagar Judgeship. The District Court Kanpur Nagar consists of two buildings Old & New six floored main building constructed in 1990. Most of the courts are working in New main building while others are working in old building. One court of M.M. Corporation is situated in separate building near new building. Kanpur Nagar is the only Metropolitan City of the state and is one of the biggest judgeship too. As being Metropolitan City, Magisterial Courts are headed by C.M.M.