District court Kanyakumari
District court Kanyakumari
District court Kanyakumari



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The Main Court Building was Built in the Year 1899 In the Regin Of HIS HIGHNESS RAMA VARUMA (HH The Maharajah of Travancore Sree Padmanabhadasa Vanchipala Sir Rama Varma VI) during the Administration of DEWAN BAHADUR  K.KRISHNA SWAMY ROA, by Chief Engineer W.Jopp. 


Kanyakumari District is the southernmost land area of mainland India.The district is the second most urbanised district in Tamil Nadu next only to Chennai and ahead of Coimbatore and is the second smallest of the 32 districts of Tamil Nadu. Kanyakumari shares it names with the town of Kanyakumari, which is at the tip of the Indian Peninsula and faces the Laccadive Sea, but the administrative capital is Nagercoil.


The district is also known as "The District of Ponds" or "The Lands End." History Despite being an area of a Tamil majority populace, It was part of the princely state of Travancore during the colonial times prior to the nation's independence;Four of the eight taluks of Thiruvananthapuram district were separated to form the new district of Kanyakumari during the formation of the new state of predominantly Malayali Kerala, and they were made a part of the Madras Presidency under recommendations from the States' Reorganization Commission in 1956. The Presidency was later renamed as Tamil Nadu and Kanyakumari is one of the 32 districts in the state of Tamil Nadu. Location Kanyakumari district is at the southern tip of peninsular India. It is bordered on the west by Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala state and by Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu to the north and east. It is sometimes referred to as "Land's End".[5] The district is bordered by the Laccadive Sea on the southeastern, the southern and the southwestern sides. The district lies at geographical co-ordinates between 77° 15' and 77° 36' east and 8° 03' and 8° 35' north. I Administrative divisions For administrative purposes, the district comprises four taluks: Thovalai, Agastheeswaram, Kalkulam, and Vilavancode. It has nine blocks — Agastheeswaram, Rajakkamangalam, Thovalai, Kurunthancode, Thuckalay, Thiruvattar, Killiyur, Munchirai and Melpuram — and four municipalities: Nagercoil, Padmanabhapuram, Colachel and Kuzhithurai.

At the lower levels of administration, there are 99 village panchayats and a further 56 special category village panchayats. The major towns of the district include: Agastheeswaram taluk: Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, Agastheeswaram, Suchindram and Rajakkamangalam. Thovalai taluk: Thovalai and Boothapandi. Kalkulam taluk: Padmanabhapuram-Thuckalay, Colachel, Kalkulam, Thiruvithamcode, Kurunthancode, Thiruvattar and Kulasekaram. Vilavancode Taluk: Karungal, Kuzhithurai-Marthandam, Vilavancode, Killiyur, Munchirai, Arumanai and Melpuram.

Surrounded by Majestic Hills and the plains bordered by colourful sea-shores, fringed with coconut trees and paddy fields, here and there are few elevated patches of red cliffs with undulating valleys and plains between the mountainous terrain and the sea - coast, so closely interwoven with Temples and Churches and other edifices lies the district, 'Kanyakumari'. (The district name is spelled as 'Kanniyakumari' in official records which is in tune with the spoken name of the district in Tamil language). With an area of 1672 sq.km. it occupies 1.29% of the total extent of Tamil Nadu. It ranks first in literacy among other districts in Tamil Nadu.