Civil Court Khunti
Civil Court Khunti
Civil Court Khunti

Judgeship at Glance


Histroy of Khunti

Khunti is synonymous with rebellion and struggle since it was historically a center of activity during the famed Birsa movement in 1875. Ranchi district was organized into four administrative subdivisions namely sadar,Gumla (1902), Khunti (1905) and Simdega (1915). The place has been in recorded annals of history for its long drawn struggle against the British under the aegis of Birsa Munda, the revolutionary hero of Jharkhand. Khunti is famous as the lac producer of the Jharkhand region.  A large share of India's total lac is produced in this place. Lac is a natural polymer (resin) that is produced by a tiny insect called Kerria lacca (Kerr). This insect is specially grown on the shoots of several species of trees such as palas, kusum and ber. This agricultural profession of lac cultivation is a secondary source of income for many tribal in the Khunti region. And it is with the Government assistance and many other voluntary and NGO's that this cultivation has taken a new form and a new lease of life.

About Judgeship


Earlier Lohardaga was the Commissionary Headquater for Chotanagpur, It was only later (Sometimes in 1842) that the Commissionary of Chotanagpur was shifted to Ranchi. The Commissionary Office Still exists and it houses Lohardaga Municipality office. One old Court building which can well be said to be a Heritage building and where Sub-Divisional officer used to sit and hold office and Court, still exists within the campus of the Civil court khunti and subsequently two new Court buildings were constucted, one is Eight Courts building and another is Fourt Courts building. Both were inaugurated in the year 2002.


District Court Khunti, Jharkhand added a golden chapter in its history. The rooftop solar power plant was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi on 2nd October, 2015 in presence of Hon’ble the Governor of Jharkhand Smt. Draupadi Murmu, Hon’ble the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Mr. Raghubar Das, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Virender Singh, Chief Justice of High Court of Jharkhand, Hon’ble Mr. Justice D.N. Patel and all the Hon’ble Judges of the High Court of Jharkhand. he newly created Khunti district, earlier a sub-division of Ranchi district was carved out of Ranchi district and created on 12.9.07 as the 23 rd district of Jharkhand. Part of the South Chotanapur Commissionary, Khunti is a very new district. Established on 12th September 2007, Khunti is a district with 6 Blocks, and is 40 Km. South of the state capital, Ranchi.