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                        Kolasib district is manned by Chief Judicial Magistrate-cum-Senior Civil Judge and is under the jurisdiction of Aizawl Judicial District [Vide, Notification No.A.12011/32/06-LJE,the 7th January, 2008] Vide, the Mizoram Gazette, Extra Ordinary Vol. XXXVII, 8.1.2008 Pausa 17,S.E.1929, Issue No.2 with regards to Civil Courts and Notification No.A.12011/32/06-LJE: Dated Aizawl, the 2ndJune, 2008 [Vide, the Mizoram Gazette, Extra Ordinary: Vol. XXXVII, 12.6.2008, Jyaistha 22, S.E. 1930, Issue No. 197] and amended under even No. Dated Aizawl, the 7th Oct., 2008 [Vide, the Mizoram Gazette, Extra Ordinary: Vol. XXXVII, 24.10.2008. Kartika 2, S.E. 1930, Issue No. 430] with the approval of Hon’ble Gauhati High Court Vide, No.HC.VII-14 (PT)/2007/8467/A Dated 25th August, 2008 in respect of Criminal Courts], along with the other districts of Champhai, Mamit and Serchhip.

                     Court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate is located at the heart of Kolasib situated at Venglai. Pi Sylvie Zomuanpuii Ralte is the present Chief Judicial Magistrate-cum-Senior Civil Judge. Kolasib District is a door way to Mizoram. It is the only entrance and exit for the state of Mizoram by road and by train. Kolasib Town is the closest district headquarters from Aizawl city. Its location is very conducive to visits and crossing by the Judges of Supreme Court and High Court as well as Judicial Officers of the Subordinate Courts.