About Koppal Court


District & Sessions Court was set-up on 22-7-2000 and started its functioning in existing court building of CJM & JMFC, Koppal. As per G.O. No. LAW 18 LCE 97(PF) dated: 19-4-2000. On the strike and demand made by members of Bar Association, Koppal, Gangavathi, Kushtagi & Yelburga. The District & Sessions Court has been established and started its functioning in existing building. Thereafter looking into the scarcity of places for the entire staff members, construction of Ist stage of First floor of existing building of Koppal has been requested and accordingly Hon’ble High Court, Bangalore has been moved plan and estimates copies for the proposed Ist stage of first floor for the existing building of Koppal. By Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka LCBS, 58/98 dated: 19-06-2001. After securing the plan and estimates for construction of first floor building from PWD authorities. This office has submitted through Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka vide office letter No. 1028/01 dated: 17-7-2001. In turn Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore letter No. LCBS 58/98 dated: 4-3-2002 has been moved to the Govt. for administrative approval for Ist stage of first floor construction. Looking into the said facts and circumstances, Govt. of Karnataka with its order no. LAW 265 WCE 2001 dated: 13-6-2002 has sanctioned administrative approval by releasing funds of Rs. 50,00,000/- under centrally sponsored scheme. Thereafter said building has been constructed by PWD authorities and handed over same to District & Sessions Judge, Koppal on 7-8-2003 under letter No. 18/38-2000 dated 7-2-2003. This court intimating the matters of taking over the position to the Hon’ble high court of Karnataka. Hence, presents District & Sessions court is functioning in I st stage building of I st floor in existing building. At present the accommodation for the court hall judges chamber , staff rooms,is sufficient more over in I st of I st floor building there is a space of court hall, judge chamber, staff rooms. There is an other judges chamber, courthall, staff room are available and at present the same is being used for function of FTC-I, Koppal.

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