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Legal Aid Schemes

I.Compensation Schemes For Vicitims of Crime

II.State Welfare Schemes

III.Central Welfare Schemes

IV.Nalsa Schemes


I.Compensation Schemes For Vicitims of Crime

II.State Welfare Schemes

III.Central Welfare Schemes

IV.Nalsa Schemes


Leagl Aid Photo Gallery

1. District Meet of Para Legal Volunteers



2. Judicial Officers durin Afforesation Campagin

at GSS Gondla Distt L& S


3. Judicial Officers during Mobile Lok Adalat 

 4. Judicial officers in the Stall during International

Dussehra festival Kullu 2015

5. Preliminary sitting of Mediation in the mediation



6. Plantation campaign by the children of Bal

    Ashram Kalehli



7. Plantation Campaign at Jagatsukh 2015



8. Plantation campaign at Nehru Park, Kullu




9. Mediation Awareness Program at Mediation




10. One day workshop at Zila Parishad Hall, Kullu



11. Legal Aid Camp in the Fire Disaster area at Village 

      Kotla, Distt. Kullu





12. Woman's Day Celebration

13. Camps For Panchayat Secretaries.

14. Camps for Senior Citizens.


15. Stall installed by DLSA Kullu in local fair " Piple  Jatar"






17. Inaugural Session of training Program for Panel lawers and P.L.V






18. Mediation awareness program


19. Legal Aid Camp at Malana Camp





19. District Level Meet Of PLV




20. Mediation Awareness Programme for the advocates and litigants held on 20.07.2016

21.World Day against Human Trafficking Held on 30.07.2016

22. International Justice Day dated 18-07-2016


23. Rally on Preservation of Environment and curbing Pollution dated 20-08-2016

24.World Day against Drug Abuse dated 27-06-2016

25. World Senior Citizens Day dated 21/08/2016

26.Anti Tobacco Day dated 31/05/2016

27. Plantation at Katrain 20/08/2016


28. One Day Workshop on "The Protection of Women from domestic violence"

29.Plantation at Udaipur on 05-09-2016





30. Plantation at Sisu on 7-09-2016

31. One day conference on "Basic awareness on Disaster Management & Role of Judiciary"


32. Stall installed by the Legal service authority, Kullu in International Dussehra Festival 2016






33. Mediatio awareness programme on 20.10.2016

34.  Programme on NALSA (Legal Services to the Victims of Drug Abuse and Eradication of Drug Menace) Scheme, 2015 on 22.10.2016


35. Observation of Law Day on 26-11-2016



36.Observation of HIV/AIDS day on 01-12-2016


37. Observation of Wolrd Disablity Day on 03.12.2016


38. Legal Litracy Camp for Truck Operators

39. Programme on  NALSA (Mentally ill and Mentally disabled persons) Scheme 2015 held on 24-04-2017


40.Stall installed by the DLSA in Pipal Jatra mela 2017

41 Programme on NALSA (Effective Implementation of poverty Alleviation Schemes) Scheme 2015 held on 20.05.2017


42.  Observation of International Labour Day on 01-05-2017

43. Cannabis Destruction Programme

44. Observation of Environment day 05-06-2017

45. World Day against Child labour on 12-06-2017




46.Legal Litracy and Blood Donation Camp held on 07.07.2017

47.Observation of World day against Trafficking in Persons on 31.07.2017