** **A N N O U N C E M E N T S ** **

14.06.2019: Public Services - A.P.J.M.Services - Transfer of Superintendent - Orders - Issued.

14.06.2019: Public Services - A.P.J.M.Services - Deputation of Senior Assistant - Orders - Issued.

14.05.2019: Public Service - APJMS Services - Sri M.Thirupathi Reddy, Field Assistant, Junior Civil Judge Court, Koilakuntla - now under the orders of transfer to Prl.Senior Civil Judg Court, Nandyal - Revised proceedings to read the deputation as transfer - Issued - Reg.

13.05.2019: Letter of the Hon'ble High Court of AP Order ROC.No. 265/2019-B.Spl. dated: 09.05.2019, along with copy of the order of the Hon'ble High Court in W.P.No.30587 of 2010 and W.P.No.929 of 2011.

09.05.2019: Public Services - APJMS/APGSS - Internal Transfers with regard to the enlisted Senior Superintendent, Superintendent, Stenographer Grade II, Stenographer Grade III, Typist, Field Assistant, Copyist and Record Assistant who are going to be transferred within the unit during summer vacation 2019, on their completion of 3 years stay at particular station - Orders - Issued -Reg.

1.Senior Superintendent                            2.Superintendent                   3.Stenographer Grade II

4.Stenographer Grade III                          5.Junior Assistant                  6.Typist                                 

7.Field Assistant                                       8.Copyist                                9.Record Assistant.

06.05.2019 - Dates of Sitting of Vacation Civil Judge at Nandyal and Adoni -Orders -Issued

04.05.2019: Circular - Internal Transfer of staff members of the subordinate courts those who complete three years in a particular seat/station by 30.06.2019 - Information in the prescribed proforma - called for -Reg.

03.05.2019: Summer Vacation 2019 - Directions to the certain staff members to work in the Courts of Vacation Civil Judge - Orders - Issued.

01.05.2019: Availment of part of Summer Vacation by the Judicial Magistrate of I class and Junior Civil Judges in Kurnool District-Reg

30.04.2019- Proceedings of the Hon'ble High Court Order ROC.No. 366/2019-B.Spl, dated: 29.04.2019- Summer Vacation permission for 12 days to all the Officers working in the cadre of District and Sessions Judges -Reg.

30.04.2019-The Hon'ble High Court ROC.No. 381/B.Spl,dated:29.04.2019 - Appointment of Vacation Civil Judges - Reg.

24.04.2019: The Circular of the Hon'ble High Court ROC.No. 399/B.Spl, dated: 23.04.2019 - Submission of Leave applications by the Judicial Officers -Certain instructions -Issued.

23.04.2019: Public Services - APJMS - Promotion of eligible person from Category 2 to Category 1 i.e., Senior Superintendent to the post of Chief Administrative Officer on paper - Confidential files, Special Confidential Report along with Service Registers with up to date entries - Called for -Reg.

23.04.2019: Availment of Summer Vacation of 2019 by the Senior Civil Judges in Kurnool District -Orders-Issued.

15.04.2019: Judgment in Crl.A.No.1151 of 2011 dated: 25.07.2018 on the file of common High Court at Hyderabad.

12.04.2019: circular - All the Judicial Officers working in the District to direct all the staff members working under their control to clear off all arrear works -Reg.

12.04.2019: Communication - All the Addl.District Judges are requested to send their consent and turn list of availment of 12 days of vacation permission BY RETURN OF FAX.

08.04.2019- Declaration of General Holiday on 11.04.2019 (Thursday), in view of General Elections to Lok Sabha and Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Assembly 2019.

27.03.2019: Absorption of employees working on contract basis in Fast Track Court in Kurnool District - Posting Orders - Issued.

27.03.2019: Cancellation of Deputation in the cadre of Stenographer Grade III and Stenographer on outsourcing basis -Orders -Issued

26.03.2019: Cancellation of deputation in the cadre of stenographer- Orders - Issued.

15.03.2019:Call Letter to the Staff members of Fast Track Court in the District are directed to appear before the undersigned on 16.03.2019 at 10.30 A.M. for verification -Reg.

15.03.2019: District Level Workshop II scheduled to be conducted on 16.03.2019 at District Court,Kurnool-  Postponed- Reg.

12.03.2019:Transfers and Postings of Stenographer Grade-I. 

06.03.2019: Courts - Criminal Courts - Judicial Magistrate of I Class Courts for issuing of revised notification -orders-Issued.

21.02.2019: CIRCULAR - Judicial Officers visiting Hon'ble High Court on official purposes and seeking permission/appointment to meet Hon'ble the Chief Justice or Hon'ble the Acting Chief Justice or Hon'ble Administrative Judges to discuss official matters-Reg.

19.02.2019: CIRCULAR - Workshop - District Level Workshop II (for the Year 2018-2019) on the topic "Specific Performance of Contracts" to be conducted on 16.03.2019 at District Court,Kurnool - Constitution of Teams for paper presentation and discussion on the topics assigned during the Workshop - Reg.

16.02.2019: CIRCULAR- CASES- Reduction in pendency in Kurnool District Unit - Instruction of the Hon'ble The Acting Chief Justice of Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh at Amaravathi - Video Conference on 14.02.2019 - Pertaining to Kurnool District - Regarding.

05.02.2019: Circular-Courts - Civil and Criminal Courts - Certain Instructions - Issued -Reg.

05.02.2019: Official Memorandum - Call for the Service Registers who are eligible for the promotion post of Driver - Called for -Reg.

21.01.2019- Circular - Courts - Civil - Case Flow Management in Subordinate Courts Rules,2012 inserted after Chapter -XX as Chapter - XXI in Civil Rules of Practice through Andhra Pradesh Gazette No.14, dated 15.06.2016 under Judicial Notification No.3/SO/2016 - Certain Instructions-Issued-Reg.

11.01.2019: Public Services - APJMS - Deputation of the certain staff members to work in Central Record Room in District Court,Kurnool - Orders - Issued.

09.01.2019: Public Services - APJMS/APLGS - Cancellation of Deputations, transfers and deputations to the certain staff members - Orders -Issued.

09.01.2019: Public Services - Andhra Pradesh Government Drivers (Technical Category) -Cancellation of Deputation in the cadre of Driver -Order -Issued.

09.01.2019: Public Services - APJMS - Cancellation of Deputations and deputations to the certains staff member - Order -Issued.

09.01.2019: Publice Services - APJMS - Applications of certain employees working in the subordinate Judiciary, Seeking Inter-State Transfers from the District Units of the State of Telangana state ot the District Units of the State of Andhra Pradesh -Posting Orders - Issued.

29.12.2018: Courts - Civil and Criminal - Equal Distribution of Cases among the courts situated in the same station - Instructions of the Hon'ble High Court to all the Prl.District and Sessions Judges/Unit in the State to re-distribute cases at the end of every 3 months - List of Civil Cases - Cases transferred to the I Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Kurnool, II Addl.Junior Civil Judge, Kurnool, III Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Kurnool and IV Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Kurnool - Orders - Issued.

06.08.2018: Courts - Civil and Criminal - Equal Distribution of cases among the court situated in the same station - Instructions of the Hon'ble Court to all the Prl.District and Sessions Judges/Units in the State to re-distribute cases at the end of every 3 months - List of Civil Cases (2014 to 18.07.2018) - Cases transferred from II Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Kurnool to Prl.Junior Civil Judge,Kurnool, I Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Kurnool, III Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Kurnool and IV Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Kurnool and cases retained at II Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Kurnool - Orders - Issued.

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