Bhuj District Map

Bhuj District Court Complex

Kutch district is the largest one district of the State of Gujarat. There is a trio combination of Desert, Mountains and Ocean in district of Kutch. The history reveals that in A.D. 1819 the Ruler of Kutch Maharao Raydhanji had entered into a covenant with the British Government and accordingly a guarantee and some special arrangement had taken place in the sphere of administration of justice. The Jadeja Rulers were enjoying the jurisdiction over the Jagir and in A.D. 1872 one another settlement had taken place about the rights and jurisdiction of the guarantee holders. Such guarantee holders were enjoying civil and criminal jurisdiction over the area prior to A.D. 1854. They were also competent to take cognizance of the matters. In A.D. 1869 the Code of Criminal Procedure as well as the Code of Civil Procedure came into operation and since then various courts were established. The Royal Court was enjoying supremacy. The courts presiding over by the guarantee holders were in the second category and some other courts were established, enjoying the jurisdiction over the entire Kutch district. The courts were divided into two categories. Rahpar, Anjar, Bhuj, Mandvi and Abadasa were falling in the first category, whereas the remaining courts at Khavda, Khadir and Nakhatrana were in the another category. Criminal courts were empowered to impose sentence extendable up to1 year imprisonment and a fine of 1,000/- Kori (Kutch currency). The civil courts were enjoying jurisdiction up to5,000/- Kori (Kutch currency). In courts of second category the presiding officers were competent to impose sentence up to 3months imprisonment and a fine of 2,500/- Kori (Kutch currency). The civil courts were enjoying jurisdiction in such area for the value up to 2,000/-Kori(Kutch currency). Second Class Judicial Magistrates were posted at Khavda,Khadir and Nakhatrana. There was a High Court started functioning since Samvant1934 replacing "Sadar Adalat". The Chief Judge of the High Court was also ex-officio Jail Superintendent. The Court was enjoying the jurisdiction over the entire area but any punishment in the nature of death, transportation and exceeding 14 years was executed only subject to final accord by the Ruler. Such Court was also entertaining appeals from the civil and criminal matters of Taluka courts. The appeal against the order of the High Court was lying before the Privy Council. With the end of Desi Riyasat of Kutch in June, 1948, the Kutch Courts Order, 1948 came into operation and the Court of Judicial Commissioner at Bhuj was established replacing the High Court. Mr. R.S.Trivedi, I.A.S., was appointed as the first Judicial Commissioner by the Central Government. In A.D. 1956 there was a merger of State of Kutch in bilingual State of Bombay and therefore the District and Sessions Court at the district level started functioning. Since 01.05.1960 Kutch district has become the part of the State of Gujarat working under the administrative control of the Hon'ble High Court of Gujarat.