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  • It is situated in the south western part of Jharkhand. Its Latitude is between 23°30'N and 23°40'N and Longitude is between 84°40'E and 84°50'E.

  • In 1983, It came into existence when Ranchi District has been divided into three different District namely Ranchi, Lohardaga and Gumla.

  • Administrative Headquarters of the District – Lohardaga.

  • It is under Ranchi Commissionary and it consists of seven blocks. viz- Lohardaga, Kuru, Bhandra, Kairo, Kisko, Peshrar and Senha.

  • The word Lohardaga comprises two words viz. Lohar means 'ironmonger', and Daga means center'. The literal meaning of Lohardaga as 'center of iron mining'.

  • The District covers an area of 1491km² in the tribal belt of Chotanagpur Plateau.

  • The general slope of the District is from west to east.

  • The main rivers of the District are South Koel, Sankh, Nandni, Chaupat's and Fulijhar etc. These are mainly Rain fed Rivers and dried up in the summer months.

  • Geologically the area in comprised with Archean Granites and Gneisses. In the uplands considerable thickness of late-rite of Pleistocene age is found in the Granite and Gneisses tracts. The most important mineral of the District is bauxite. Due to this it is known as Bauxite Nagri.

  • The major part of the District is covered with Golden Alluvium, Red and Sandy soil, Red and Gravelly soils, Laterite soil and Red and Yellow soils are also found elsewhere in the District.

  • The District enjoys a healthy and pleasant climate throughout the year. The annual average temperature is 23° C.

  • District receives an annual average rainfall of 1000-1200 mm.

  • Total Population : 4,61,738 ( according to the 2011 census)

  • Population Density : 310 inhabitants per square kilometer

  • Population Growth : 26.67 % ( over the decade 2001-2011)

  • Sex Ratio : 985 females for every 1000 males

  • Literacy Rate : 68.29 %


    Lohardaga was the Sub-division of Bihar Judiciary (Hon'ble High Court of Bihar, Patna) before the bifurcation of the State of Bihar and Jharkhand and after then it comes under Jharkhand Judiciary (Hon'ble High Court of Jharkhand, Ranchi). On 25.06.2001 Lohardaga Judgeship has been created by our Hon'ble High Court and it has been inaugurated by Hon'ble Justice Shri Guru Sharan Sharma under the chairmanship of Smt. Shakuntala Sinha, Judicial Commissioner Ranchi, and Sri Dilip Kumar Sinha was designated as the first Principal District Judge of this judgeship.


    • The main court building includes P.D.J. Court, Principal Judge Family Court, D.J. I cum Addl. Sessions Judge Court, C.J.M. Court, Central Library and Centralized filling Office.

    • The other courts are running on the six courts building.

    • The main administrative offices are running in an asbestos roof .

    • Nyaya Sadan building also runs on the Civil court premises which includes the Mediation Centre, Lok Adalat, D.L.S.A. Office and J.J. Board. 

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