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Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal

Chief Justice
High Court, Allahabad

   Hon’ble Mr. Justice Manoj Kumar Gupta
Administrative Judge,
High Court, Allahabad

Sri Ram Manohar Narayan Mishra

District & Sessions Judge, Lucknow



Lucknow Judgeship is the largest judgeship in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where total number of courts sanctioned by the State Government is 126. It has got the maximum number of Special Courts.Total number of courts fucntioning in Lucknow Judgeship is 69. Total 11 Courts are functioning of Addl. Courts N.I.Act. 36 Courts are lying vacant. One Commercial Court is also functional at the Old High Court Building Premises.

Family Court, Lucknow is seperately functioning at American Library and Roushanuddaulah consisting 5 Courts of Addl. Principal Judge are functioning. The Court of Principal Judge Family Court is lying Vacant.

Railway Magistrate Courts (N.R. and N.E.R.) are functioning at railway station Charbagh, Lucknow. There is also a sperate court for Juvenile Justice at Mohan Road, Lucknow.

The work of Computerisation is completed in the Civil Court campus where all the courts are working on computer.  The centralised filling has also commenced on 01/04/2014, since then all the fresh filling of cases are done from server room/JSC room. Currently we are working on (C.I.S. 3.2) provided by the Hon'ble E-Committee, Hon'ble Supreme Court of India under the E-Court Project.

On 04.10.2018, 25 Courts of the Old High Court Lucknow Bench, building was handed over by the Hon'ble High Court of Judicature at Allahabad to District Judgeship Lucknow. The District & Sessions Judge Court along with 24 A.D.J. Courts/Spl. Courts of A.D.J. level are functioning in the Old High Court building Campus. Chief Administrative Offce, Central Nazarat, Accounts Sections, Computer Center, Record Rooms, Central Copying, D.L.S.A. Lucknow and Commericial Court, Lucknkow are also functioning in the old High Court Campus, Lucknow.



Case Number Record (CNR) is unique ID number which remains constant and all the concerned parties  and advocates are requested to ascertain the CNR Number of their respective cases from the concerned courts and to refer and use the same wherever required.


Guidelines for functioning of District Courts

keeping in view the increasing cases of COVID-19

प्रशासनिक आदेश

नए दायरा दाखिल करने का तरीका

उपरोक्त ईमेल आईडी में केवल नए आवेदन /तत्काल मामलों फाइलिंग  हेतु  आवेदन की स्पष्ट व् पठनीय PDF FORMAT  कॉपी भेजें


उपरोक्त ईमेल आईडी में केवल नए आवेदन /तत्काल मामलों फाइलिंग  हेतु  आवेदन की स्पष्ट व् पठनीय कॉपी भेजें

*मजिस्ट्रेट कोर्ट से सम्बन्धी नए

आवेदन ई मेल से भेजने का

समय प्रातः  10:00 तक


*सेशन  कोर्ट से सम्बन्धी नए आवेदन

ई मेल से भेजने का समय प्रातः

12:30 तक

नोट: केवल नए तत्काल मामलों जैसे कि नए जमानत और रिहाई के आवेदन को अगले आदेश तक स्वीकार किया जाएगा।
आवेदन की मूल प्रति अदालत के खुलने के बाद अदालत में प्रस्तुत की जाएगी


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