About Mandya Court

The Land of Sugar

Mandya is the land of sugar and rice and a prominent agricultural district, formed in the year 1939. Blessed with the irrigation waters of river Kaaveri and Hemavathi, half of the district countryside is lush in various hues of green throughout the year. Agriculture is the main occupation of people in the district. Most of the industries that are run in the district depend on agriculture for their raw material. Sugar Mills, Jaggery making units and Rice Mills. The Mandya City is situated on the state highway of Bangalore and Mysore.

History: About Court (since 01.11.1965)

The District and Sessions Court Mandya is located in a prime area of the city and is surrounded by most of the Govt. Offices like DC office, SP Office, Zilla Panchayath Office, Treasury, Tahasildar office, Sub-Registrar’s Office, R.T.O., and Excise Office etc., The Court complex is in the vicinity to the Bus stand and Railway station. The building in which Courts are housed, is a newly constructed 3 floor Court Complex, inaugurated in the year of 2006.

MANDYA District consists of Seven (7) Revenue Talukas viz.


Courts Names





1)   Prl. District & Sessions Judge




2)  I Addl. District & Sessions Judge

3) II Addl. District & Sessions Judge

4) IV Addl. District & Sessions Judge

5)  V Addl. District & Sessions Judge

6)  Prl. Senior Civil Judge and CJM

7)  Addl. Senior Civil Judge and CJM

8) II Addl. Senior Civil Judge & JMFC

9)  Prl. Civil Judge and JMFC 

10) I Addl. Civil Judge and JMFC

11) II Addl Civil Judge and JMFC

12)   JMFC


1) Senior Civil Judge and JMFC




2) Civil Judge and JMFC



1)  Senior Civil Judge 




2)  Prl. Civil Judge and JMFC

3) I Addl. Civil Judge and JMFC

4) II Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC


5) III Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC


6) IV  Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC



1)  Senior Civil Judge and JMFC




2]  Prl. Civil Judge and JMFC

3]  I Addl. Civil Judge and JMFC


1)  Senior Civil Judge and JMFC




2]  Civil Judge and JMFC


1) Prl  Senior Civil Judge and JMFC




2) Addl Senior Civil Judge & JMFC

3) Civil Judge and JMFC 


1] III Addl District & Session Judge, Mandya Sitting at Srirangapattana.




2) Prl. Senior Civil Judge and JMFC

3)   Addl. Senior Civil Judge

4)   Prl. Civil Judge and JMFC

5)   Addl. Civil Judge and JMFC


  1. Each Taluka, in this Unit, is provided with Computer Server room under e-courts project.

  2. Judicial Service Centers (i.e. Filling and Enquiry Counters) are created and start functioning in all Taluk Court complex.

  3. All the Courts in this Unit are provided with full-fledged computers. The status of more than 4,15,000 case details are available in Mandya District Court web-site (

  4. The Judgement and Orders of all the Courts situated in this unit are availalbe on District Court web-site (

  5. All the servers in this Unit are connected to High Court Server over KSWAN NETWORK.

  6. Videoconference facility is available in the District Court premises for Administration and Judicial Work.

  7. Information KIOSK are installed in District Court Complex and all Taluka Court complex  for the use of Advocates and  Litigents Public.

  8. Short Message Service [SMS] feasility is provided to Advocates on Filing of new cases, Registration of new cases and case disposal information.

  9. Mediation Center is established in the District Court premises (Since 15.07.2008).

  10. District Legal Services Authority in existence and rendering free legal aid to the needy. Lok-Adalaths are organized for settlement of various types of pending disputes and pre litigation disputes.

  11. Taluka Legal Service Committees have been functioning in all the six Talukas.

  12. A road map for District Judiciary, Mandya is likely to be drawn up in the near future in consultation with the Hon’ble Administrative for providing qualitative, Responsive and timely justice.