District Court Mau





Hon’ble Mr. Justice Govind Mathur (CJ)
Chairman, Administrative Committee

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Surya Prakash Kesarwani 
Administrative Judge for the District: Mau

Mukesh  Mishra

District & Sessions Judge


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History of District And Sessions Court Mau

The Mau Judgeship came into existence on 21.10.1989 vide notification No. 110/VII-A.N.204/89 dated 21-10-1989. Mau judgeship was bifurcated from the Azamgarh Judgeship. There is no outlying court. Shri Rati Ram Jatav had the honour of being the first District Judge Later on a need arose for bigger and an integrated second storied court campus. It was established in 1996 that the Court Campus shifted to Main Building. All the courts started functioning under one roof. At present the total strength of the judicial officers at Mau  judgeship is 12th.

Mau has following Criminal Courts:

Sessions Court/Additional Sessions Court, Chief Judicial Magistrate/Judicial Magistrate, Civil Judge (Senior Division)/Civil Judge (Junior Division).There are Seventeen Courts in Mau Judgeship. At present tweleth Courts are Functional.

District and Sessions Judge.

  1. District & Sessions Judge

  2. Additional District & Sessions Judge Court No.-1

  3. Additional District & Sessions Judge Court No.-2

  4. Additional District & Sessions Judge Court No.-3

  5. Additional District & Sessions Judge Court No.-4

  6. Family Court

  7. ADJ/Fast Track Court-1

  8. ADJ/Fast Track Court-2

Judicial Magistrate

  1. Chief Judicial Magistrate

  2. Judicial Magistrate

  3. Spl. Judicial Magistrate

Civil Courts

  1. Civil Judge (Senior Division)

  2. Civil Judge Senior Division (F.T.C)

  3. Addl. Civil Judge (Senior Division)

  4. Civil Judge (Junior Division)

  5. Civil Judge (Junior Division)/FTC

  6. Civil Judge (Mohammadabad)

  7. Additional Civil Judge (Junior Division) Court No.1

  8. Additional Civil Judge (Junior Division) Court No.2