Mokokchung District is mainly inhabited by the Ao Nagas, whose villages number 93 in total, spread all over the District. The Ao’s belong to three dialectical groups, namely, Chungli, Mongsen and Changki with the exception of Merinokpo Village whose dialect is somewhat akin to that of the Phom Nagas of Longleng area. Other communities have also settled in this District.

Mokokchung District is bounded by the state of Assam to its north, Tuensang to its east, Zunheboto to its south and Wokha and Assam to it’s west, and lies between 93.53 and 94.53 Degrees Longitude and 25.56 Degrees Latitude.

There are several Ranges that run more or less parallel to each other in North-east or South-west direction. Between the Ranges, there are glens and gorges through which flow the hill streams. There are only two small valleys namely… Changki and Tuli, and both of them are on the western side of the district adjoining the plains of the Sibsagar district of Assam. The entire District of Mokokchung is conveniently sub-divided into Ranges.

The Ao tribe is one of the major Tribes of the Naga family. Tradition says that the Aos sprung up from “Longtrok” which means “six stones”.They then founded the “Chungliyimti” village where they settled and stayed for a considerable period of time. In course of time, they crossed the Dikhu river by a cane bridge leaving other people behind. These people (the Aos) who went ahead leaving others behind came to be known as “Aor” or “Ao”, which means….”going” or “gone”.

The Aos then settled in “Soyim” which is known as Ungma today, and then moved again to another place called “Koridang”. From Koridang, groups of people scattered to different directions and founded new villages. Gradually, as population grew, they eventually spread over the five ranges of the land and founded as many new villages.

The district court of Mokokchung was establishment in the year 1976, with the first Chief Judicial Magistrate. At present the District & Sessions Judge/ The Chief Judicial Magistrate and the Civil Judge (Junior) administer both Civil and Criminal Justice.