e-Court Mission Mode Project

E-Court Mission Mode Project

The E-Courts Project was conceptualised on the basis of "National Policy and Action Plan for Implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Indian Judiciary - 2005" submitted by e-Committee of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India

The e-Courts National portal (ecourts.gov.in) was launched by Hon’ble the Chief Justice of India on 7th August 2013. This provides Case Status, daily Cause-list, Cases Filed and Cases Registered through the Case information System (CIS) Software.

The e-Courts National portal also provides training material for judicial officers and staff, links to District Court websites and statistical reports that can be used as a judicial management information system. This portal is expected to play a key role in bringing about judicial reforms.

The main objectives of the e-Court Project are as follows:

  1. To provide efficient & time-bound citizen-centric service delivery.

  2. To develop, install & implement decision support systems in courts.

  3. To automate the processes to provide transparency of Information access to its stakeholders.

  4. To enhance judicial productivity both qualitatively & quantitatively, to make the justice delivery system affordable, accessible, cost-effective & transparent.

The District Court Computer Committee has been constituted and entrusted to monitor the integration of the Civil Court with ICT. The constitution of the Committee is as follows:

  1. Sri Kanhaiya Jee Choudhary - A.D.J.- I  (Chairman)
  2. Sri Prabhakar Jha, A.D.J. V (Member)
  3. Sri Ashish Ranjan, J.M. Ist Class cum Nodal Officer, Biharsharif (Secretary)
  4. Sri Avinash Kumar, J.M. Ist Class (Member)

In addition, two nodal officers, one each at Civil Court, Biharsharif and Sub-divisional Court at Hilsa, with the assistance of System-Officer and System Assistants at Biharsharif and Hilsa have been working to facilitate the attainment the objectives of e-Court Project.

Sl. No. Name Designation Location Mobile No.
1. Sri Ashish Ranjan Nodal Officer Nalanda at Biharsharif 8544426698
2. Sri Punit Kumar Tiwary Nodal Officer Sub Division Hilsa 8544426858
3. Sri Avinash Kumar System Officer Nalanda at Biharsharif 8102112712
4. Sri Kumar Nishant System Assistant Sub Division Hilsa 9162301777
5. Sri Hitesh Kumar System Assistant Biharsharif 9939323360
6. Sri Rajeev Kumar System Assistant Biharsharif 8863920240

At present we are in the Phase -II of the e-Courts Mission Mode Project and the following works have been completed on this account:

  1. The District Court at Biharsharif and Sub-divisional Court at Hilsa has been fully computerised and working on CIS system with complete infrastructural setup.

  2. Laptops and printers have been provided to all Judicial Officers with training on their usage on Ubuntu (Linux) Operating System.

  3. All cases are listed in CIS and regularly updated on NJDG.

  4. KIOSK machine is installed at District Court at Biharhsarif to facilitate the Advocates and public for information of the cases.