District Court Narsinghpur
District Court Narsinghpur M.P.


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History of Narsinghpur Court

  At the beginning of the 19th century, Narsinghpur District was in the domain of the Maratha Bhonsle Maharajas of Nagpur, and was known as "Gadaria Kheda". Soon a Ĵat leader occupied the place and built a large temple of Lord Narsingh on it. This led the city to be named Narsinghpur. Later this district was ceded to the British Raj in 1818. Narsinghpur District was part of the Nerbudda (Narmada) Division of the Central Provinces and Berar, which became the state of Madhya Bharat (later Madhya Pradesh) after India's independence in 1947.

During the British regime, under the Central Provinces & Berar, High Court was at Nagpur, but by a legal fiction it became High Court for the new state of Madhya Pradesh with its seat at Jabalpur. In the year 1916 Civil court building was constructed and a Civil judge was appointed and working in courts started. Initially for court proceedings Collector Bhavan was used and at that time advocates were known by Pleader/Barrister. After that in 1926 Bar Council Act, registration was done and work in courts started. But during the period of struggle for independence a new state was formed i.e. Madhya Pradesh dated 01-11-1956 and High Court of Jabalpur came into existance.

On 16th August 1961 Advocates Act was brought into effect and accordingly under the auspicies of M.P. High Court, M.P. State Advocates Council Jabalpur was estblished and first President was Shri D.T. Davir in the year 1962 was appointed and during that period all pleaders were registered under M.P. State Advocates Council Jablpur, and each and every year continuously advocates get themselfs registered and from the first day they can plead their case for further proceedings.

  During this period there were no welfare schemes for Advocates, but in the year 1989 welfare schemes for advocates were started for which on death of an advocate 1.5. lac was sanctioned, After this State Bar Council increased the amount to 2 lacs. Previously there was no Group insurance scheme for Advocates, which was also started. After establishment of Narsinghpur and Narsinghpur Court, on 1st Janary 1970 District Judge Shri. R.C. Khare was appointed. Further to mention names Shri. K.K. Verma, Shri. A.G.Qureshi, Shri R.C. Jain, Shri Prakash Mehta, Ku.Prabha Sharma, Shri S.k. Malviya, Shri. G.K. Kulshresht, Shri I.C. Dubey R.C. Upadhyay, Shri K.Shrivastave shri B.S. Gupta, Shri Ramchandra Joshi, Shri V.K. Shrivastava, Shri N.M. Shrivastava, Shri V.M. Tandon, Ku.Sheela Khanna, Shri C.C Dwiveddi, Shri Satishchandra Dubey,Shri. M.P. Sehlam, Shri G.D. Saxena Shri Mukesh Singh, Smt Shipra Sharma, Shri.A.K. shrivastava-..... were posted as District Judges at Narsinghpur and some are still serving at Hon'ble High Court.

 At Present under the August guidance of Shri.S.K. Turkar, District Judge, the court has achieved higher goals in all walks of life. Between the Bench and Bar there is a amicable relation and the cases are disposed off fruitfully. New court building and the ADR building was constructed for helping the clients, with new techniques and equipments. Availabliy of Video-conferencing is one example.

For sports, cultural & recreation purpose, Advocates Club Building Situated at Janpad maidan from 1936 is used and run by District Bar Association. and heritage and tradition is maintained.

Our Advocates/pleaders are also working on larger level in legal field and we are proud of them. to mention the names Shri. R.s.Bardia, Shri. R.P. Singh Tihiya, Shri. A.K. Mishra. At present Shri. Prahlad Singh Chouhan, Shri. Salim Khan Shri. Pradep Soni and Hon'ble judge Shri Sheel Nagu are holding legal posts and selfless service to the nation. Advocate Choudhary Nitiraj Singh is as Law minister at the Center, Shri.Vinay Dubey, P.S.C Chairman, Shri. Prahlad Patel, shri Kailash Soni , Shri. Sandeep Patel held the post of President Zilla Paanchayat. Our Advocates are marching ahead and maintaining the strong culture of District Court.