Nellore District


Administrative Judge
High Court of Andhra Pradesh
Administrative Judge
Nellore District
District Judges
Sl No Name of the Judge Designation Date Of Joining
1. Sri G. VENKATA KRISHNAIAH Prl.District and Sessions Judge,Nellore 07-01-2019
2. Sri G.S. Ramesh Kumar I Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Nellore 03-01-2019
3. Sri A. Srinivasa Kumar Spl Judge for SPE & ACB Cases-cum-II Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Nellore 07-01-2019
4. Smt. G. Sridevi III Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Nellore 02-05-2017
5. Sri M. Tirumala Rao IV Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Nellore 15-04-2019
6. Smt I. Sailaja Devi Spl Judge for Trail of Offences Under SC's & STs (POA) Act-Cum-V Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Nellore 15-04-2019
7. Ms N. Satya Sri Judge, Family Court -cum- VI Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Nellore 12-04-2019
8. S. Ramanaiah VII Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Gudur 23-09-2019
9. Dr B. Satyanarayana Special Court for trail of Offences against Women-cum-VIII Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Nellore 02-08-2018
10. POST VACANT Special Court for speedy trail of Offences under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences-cum-IX Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Nellore ----------
Senior Civil Judges
Sl No Name of the Judge Designation Date Of Joining
1. Smt. P.J. Sudha Secretary, District Legal Services Authority,Nellore 08.03.2017
2. Smt T. Haritha Prl.Senior Civil Judge,Nellore 29-08-2018
3. Smt S. Kavitha I Addl.Senior Civil Judge,Nellore 29-08-2018
4. VACANT II Addl.Senior Civil Judge [FTC],Nellore ----------
5. Miss K. Sailaja Senior Civil Judge,Kovur 29-08-2018
6. Sri P. Panduranga Reddy Senior Civil Judge,Kavali 09-05-2019
7. Sri SK. Jhony Basha Senior Civil Judge,Gudur 07-11-2019
8. VACANT Senior Civil Judge, Atmakur ----------
Junior Civil Judges
Sl No Name of the Judge Designation Date of Joining
1. Sri K. Chakradhara Srinivas Prl.Junior Civil Judge,Nellore 04-05-2018
2. Sri A. Ramesh I Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Nellore 14-12-2017
3. Smt. V.L. SHYAM SUNDARI II Addl.Judicial Magistrate of First Class,Nellore 13-10-2016
4. Smt S.Venkata Kavitha III Addl Junior Civil Judge,Nellore 15-03-2017
5. Smt K. Madhavi Devi IV Addl.Judicial Magistrate of First Class 26-11-2018
6. Smt. Aseervadam Paul Reddypogu V Addl.Judicial Magistrate of First Class,Nellore 13-10-2016
7. Sri Shaik Atheeque Ahmed Spl.Judicial Magistrate Of First Class, Spl.Mobile Court,Nellore 11-05-2017
8. Sri M. Pradeep Kumar Spl.Judicial Magistrate of First Class for Railways,Nellore 26-11-2018
9. Sri Shaik Mohammad Abutalib Parveez Spl.Judicial Magistrate of First Class for Excise Cases,Nellore 11-05-2017
10. Sri N. Sashidhar Reddy Prl.Junior Civil Judge,Kovur 04-05-2018
11. Sri Shaik Peda Khasim Addl.Judicial Magistrate of First Class,Kovur 10-05-2017
12. VACANT Prl.Junior Civil Judge,Kavali ----------
13. Smt P. Chaitanya Judicial Magistrate of First Class,Kavali 10-05-2017
14. Ms. B. Gayatri Prl.Junior Civil Judge,Gudur 02-11-2019
15. Smt. N. Lavanya Additional Judicial Magistrate of First Class,Gudur 03.07.2017
16. Sri B. Kiran Kumar Junior Civil Judge,Atmakur 06-05-2019
17. Smt. C.Haritha Junior Civil Judge,Sullurpet 11-05-2017
18. Sri Y. Srinivasa Rao Junior Civil Judge,Udayagiri 04-05-2018
19. Maddiboyina Sailaja Junior Civil Judge,Kota 13.10.2016
20. Sri Muzeeb Pasapala Syed Junior Civil Judge,Venkatagiri 06-05-2019
21. VACANT Junior Civil Judge,Naidupet ----------
22. VACANT Additional Judicial Magistriate of First Class,Sullurpet ----------