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About Nalanda District

Nalanda, is famous all over the world for the the ancient International Monastic University established in 5th century BC, which taught Vedas, Logic, Grammar, Medicine, Meta-Physics, Prose Composition and Rhetoric. Nalanda district is popularly known as Biharsharif. The rivers Phalgu, and Mohane flows through the district of Nalanda. The various sub divisions of the district are Biharsharif , Rajgir , and Hilsa. The district is divided into blocks of Giriyak, Rahui, Nursarai, Harnaut, Chandi, Islampur, Rajgir, Asthawan, Sarmera, Hilsa, Biharsharif, Ekangarsarai, Ben, Nagarnausa, Karaiparsurai, Silao, Parwalpur, Katrisarai, Bind, and Tharthari. It is spread over the area of 2,367 sq. kms. The total population of the district is 19,97,995.

Agriculture is the main source of occupation. The farmers mainly grow paddy, apart from it they grow Potato, and Onion. Few people of the district are also involved in handloom weaving. Since the district is a famous tourist destination, tourism plays a vital role in the economy of Nalanda.

The District of Nalanda was created and came into existence on 09.11.1972.

The Judgeship of Nalanda

The Judgeship of Nalanda was previously in the Patna Judgeship and came into existence on 6th May, 1978 by inauguration of Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.B.N. Singh, the then Chief Justice ,Patna High Court. Nalanda District are containing three sub-division namely, Biharsharif, Hilsa and Rajgir with headquarter at Biharsharif. Only is Biharsharif and Hilsa Sub-divisions judicial courts are running. In Rajgir sub-division there is only Executive Court functioning uptil now, Judicial Courts at Rajgir have not been created. 

Sub Divisional Court at Hilsa was inaugurated on 21.02.1981.

Jurisdiction of Nalanda Judgeship

The Judicial headquarter of Nalanda Judgeship is at Biharsharif with other two Sub Divisional Courts at Hilsa and Rajgir. The courts are running at Biharsharif and Hilsa.