Nuapada was a part of princely state Khariar in the Tahasil of Mahasamund under Raipur District in the erstwhile of Central Provinces and Berar. Subsequently, since 1936 it became a new Sub-Division of Sambalpur District. A Deputy Commissioner stationed at Nuapada used to exercise the Executive and Judicial Power. While dealing with criminal cases, at a later point the Sub-Divisional Officer was assisted by Second and Third Officers to cope up with rising volume of litigations. Second Officer used to exercise the power of Judicial Magistrate. He used to dispense the Criminal Justice. The Munsif from Bargarh used to camp here every month for a couple of days to dispose of the civil litigations. On 01.11.1949, Kalahandi formed into a new district. So Nuapada sub-division being bifurcated from Sambalpur district got annexed with Kalahandi district. After its inclusion in Kalahandi district, the Munsif Titilagarh started camping at Nuapada to deal with civil litigations. In the year 1967, the court of Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate was started functioning at Nuapada.
In the year 1948, Nuapada BAR was formed with just 3 nos. of Pleaders. The Nuapada BAR Association is the oldest of undivided Kalahandi district. In July, 1993 it became the District BAR Association.
Before Kalahandi judgeship was created on 28.2.1982, it was formed a part of Bolangir judgeship. On 21st March, 1987 the court of Sub-ordinate Judge was established with the posting of Shri S.K.Mishra as first Sub-ordinate Judge. To cope up with rising volume of criminal litigations in the locality of Khariar, one Judicial Magistrate First Class court was opened on 21st March, 1987. On 27.3.2000 the court of Addl. District & Sessions Judge, Nuapada was inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri Justice P.Ray and Hon’ble Shri Justice L.Mohapatra. Shri G.B.Pattnaik was the first Addl. District & Sessions Judge, Nuapada. On 07.07.2012, after being bifurcated from Kalahandi judgeship, the Nuapada judgeship was inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri Justice C.R.Dash, Judge, Orissa High Court. Shri M.S.Dhal, LL.M. was appointed as first District & Sessions Judge, Nuapada
The Gram Nyayalaya has also been inaugurated at Komna by Hon’ble Shri Justice R.B.Dash on 11.01.2014 for providing justice to the litigants at the door steps.
The new District Court building coming up is adjacent to the existing court building.