Civil Court, Palamau at Daltonganj




List of selected candidates for class IV against the advertisement No. 01/2015 by the order of 145/2018 of Pr. Dist. & Sessions Judge Palamau

   Legal Empowerment Campaign will be held on 06th February 2021 in all Blocks of Palamau District



            Palamau is located at a distance of about 165 Km from Ranchi. The District of Palamau lies between  23 degree 50' and 24 degree 8' north latitude and between 83 degree 55' and 84 degree 30' east longitude. It contains an area of 5043.8 square kms. The administrative head quarter is Daltonganj, situated on koel river in 24 degree 3' north and 84 degree 4' east. Which has taken its name after colonel Dalton, Commissioner of Chhotangapur in 1861.


            The Judgeship of Palamau was established on 18.07.1960. Sri Rash Bihari Aikat, was the first District & Sessions Judge of the Palamau Judgeship. Earlier Garhwa and Latehar were two subdivisions of Palamau, but subsequently they were separated and made district.

            The new Building of Civil Court, Palamau was inaugurated on 13.12.1990 by Sri Shamsher Bahadur Singh, District & Sessions Judge, Palamau.  

            Presently The Judgeship of Palamau has one new Building, one old Building, one  Fast Track Court Building, Forms and Stationery Building connected with old Court Hazat.

             Presently Sri Pradip Kumar Choubey  is the 35th  Principal District & Sessions Judge of Palamau.