District Court Pratapgarh
District Court Pratapgarh (जनपद न्यायालय प्रतापगढ़)

Computerization e-Court

District Court Computerization Committee (DCCC)

S.No. Officer Name Designation
1  Sri Pankaj Kumar Srivastava Special Judge, Pocso Act (Chairman)
2 Sri Manoj Kumar-II Chief Judicial Magistrate (Member)
3 Sri Sumit Kumar Judicial Magistrate (Member)


Nodal Officer Computer

S.No. Officer Name Designation
1 Sri Sita Ram Addl. District Judge Court No. 4


Importent Link

1-Circulation of e-books

2-Case Management through CIS 2.0

3-Management Manual

4-Subordinate Courts Case Information Search, User Manual

eCourts Mission Mode Project

>Brief on eCourts Project (Phase I & Phase II) - December 2016 249.66 KB

>Evaluation Study of eCourts Mission Mode Project 3.6MB

>Approval Order of e-Courts Mission Mode Project 1.11MB

>Note for Phase-II 57.1 KB

>eCourts Phase I 214.46 KB

National Judicial Data Grid

>Policy and Action Plan Document for Phase II of the eCourts Project

>Government Sanction Order - Phase II of eCourts Mission Mode Project.