Legal Aid

The Prl. District & Sessions Judge, is the Chairman of District Legal Services Authority of the Raichur District.

The Prl. Senior Civil Judge & CJM., is the Member Secretary to the District Legal Services Authority of the Raichur District.

In Raichur District there are 04 Taluka Legal Service Committees are there and one Chairman Taluka Legal Services Committee is also there. The Respective Presiding Officer of the Taluka is the Member Secretary of the concerned Taluka Committee. The Senior Civil Judge & JMFC., is the Chairman of Taluka Legal Services Committee. Besides in each of these taluks there is one Lok-adalat committee consisting Presiding Officer and Advocate conducting Lok-adalats every alternate day since August 2010.

In Raichur proper six Lokadalat Committees are working. Each committee has two conciliators ie., Presiding officer and Advocate. Since August 2010 five such committees are conducting Lokadalats every alternate day.

In addition to the same there is Mediation Centre is setup with effect from 10/11/2009. The Para Legal Volunteers are also appointed and they have been given sufficient training.

In Raichur District Legal Literacy/ Legal Aid Clubs have been established in 291 High Schools, 66 P.U.C. colleges, and 07 Degree colleges and they are actively participating in Legal Literacy Programmes.

As per the Directions issued by the Hon’ble KSLA, Bangalore the calendar events and programmes are successfully being conducted through out the District.

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