Constitution and Jurisdiction

1. Unlimited powers in civil cases.

2. Appellate juridiction in civil cases upto 10000/- according to the civil courts ordinance.

3. Session trial criminal cases power upto extrime penalty to death imprisonment.        

4. Criminal appeals & revision arising out of all sub ordinate courts.

5. Spl. Judge trial cases for pratapgarh district.

6. Cases under indian companies Act.

7. Motor accident claim cases.

8. Cases under indian insolvency Act, probate latter of administration & succession Act, indian lunency Act, hindu marriage Act, guvdians & ward Act, echest Act, and land acquisition Act.

9. Revision under rajasthan relief of agricultural lubten act.

10. Criminal cases under ITC triabler as 1st class mag. Power or imprisonment upto 2 years & fine upto 2000/-.

11. Cases small cause.

12. Cases unlimited under rajasthan relief of agri. Indebtness act .

13. Election petition of municipal board.

14. Revision & election petition on per panchayat & nayaya panchayat Act &rules.

15. Session cases (cri.) triable by Astt.session judge.

16. Cases small causes court upto 250/- of the teriterial limits of minicipal area pratapgarh.

17. Cases unlimited under raj, relief of agricultural undebtness Act.

18. Election petition of municipal board as above.

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